Map My Run

So, as I mentioned, I’ve been training since February of this year in order to be able to run 13.1miles and apparently, there grows the obsession with knowing how far you’ve run in a certain time. What I’ve found quite difficult (and if you’re reading this and you’re a runner, you’ve probably found this too) is keeping an accurate track of my distance, time and speed I’m completing my runs in. There are plenty of apps that have been recommended to me by fellow runners such as Runkeeper, Nike+ (on the iPhone) and Map My Run. The latter is what I have been using as the others I didn’t really get on with. Had to do laps of my street before Nike+ configured and by the time it finally did, I was knackered.

Map My Run has been really good in helping me to keep track of my progress. I’ve enjoyed posting my progress on social media to show my family, friends and acquaintances how well I’m getting on and give them an even greater reason to sponsor me. This app was pretty good and worked well for me…Until I ran the Cardiff 10k last weekend and it told me I’d only burned 213 calories doing 55mins of running…. It also seemed to be 0.3 miles out as well which didn’t help.


The new found runner in me decided it was about time to branch out and invest in a more accurate running tracker in the 3 weeks leading up to the Cardiff Half Marathon. Thanks to my lovely other half who happens to be the stock guru of a local Argos, I’ve managed to get myself a fabulous GPS Garmin watch. You know you’re a runner when a watch that beeps incessantly and shouts at you, makes you squeal with joy.

Isn’t it lovely? Any feedback or tips from anyone who has one, are always welcome!

Forerunner Watch


Off for a run tonight so as soon as I’ve chased down the GPS signal, I’ll let you know…


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