Kate Bush would’ve been proud


(It’s clear to see that Kate and I feel the same way about hill running… )

Hands up anybody who’s tackled a hill run who HASN’T immediately started to hum the Kate Bush classic ‘Running up that hill’?

I thought as much.

Well I say I’m a person who does.. Frequently.. All a bit odd. And I did the same yesterday. After a full day of work, I wasn’t too sure if embarking on a medium-sized run which incorporated varying hill levels was really how I wanted to spend my Thursday night. Then I realised that I could use my new Garmin and channel a bit of Kate through the power of headphones.. So the trainers went on, as did the armful of Terminator-esque technology, grabbed my other half (who was suffering from running two days previously) and off we went.

Passers-by must get a kick from watching a runner start their run… The image of someone trying to configure their Garmin/iPhone to pick up GPS signal while trying to half run/half walk and sort out their music player all in one hit must have plenty of comic value.

The 3.5mile run took us about 35mins including the crossing of a railway bridge, dodging pedestrians with their takeaway, encouraging my other half along the way & every now & again tormenting him with ‘I told you so’s’ along the route. By the time we reached the ultimate hill, my running buddy was struggling a bit. For once, I was well rested, pretty enthusiastic and not complaining about sweating into my eyes (grim but happens) and managed to climb the hill without too much agony. I used to look at the hill and think ‘If only I could, I’d be running up that hill’ and now I can do it. The next goal is to continue up the hill upon reaching the Wenallt/Caerphilly Mountain, wave to a horse and come back down.

Kate Bush sang about when you’re running up that road and running up that hill it’s fine… She mentioned building running… I haven’t fallen into that yet but Kate seems to think there’s still time.

I’m looking forward to my final BIG 12 mile run before race-day this Sunday. I’m making sure I carb up and drink plenty beforehand so I can make the mileage. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean a night out in Cardiff and a bag of cheesy chips from Chippy Lane.

PS… I can’t believe I’m writing this blog and KATE BUSH – Running up that Hill is on the radio?! #Weird



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