A Walk to Remember


My training took a bit of a nice turn today. Ideally, I should’ve been sat at home, resting, behaving myself before my big run tomorrow … But anyone who knows me knows that’s not how I roll.

Alzheimer’s UK hold Memory a Walks across the country to raise money. It’s a 2k or 10k circuit depending on good you’re feeling. Mum wanted to do it today in memory of my Nan. This was her tribute & recognition & her way to remember. I decided to go along & make sure she was ok & show my support.

After a comedy half hour surrounding parking the car, not having cash to pay for parking, walking a mile to get change before losing the car & walking another mile back to the start point, we registered. These lovely volunteers helped us sign in & gave me a t-shirt to walk in after seeing me puffed out from legging it to my car. I said they’d get their pic on my blog & here they are!


Writing tags for our t-shirts, putting Nan’s photo on our backs & writing a message for the memory tree was all too much for us & we had a bit of a cry. It was such an emotional thing & so overwhelming for us both.

We did the 10k route in 1hr 30mins which we were pretty chuffed about. We got our medals & did our bit to raise awareness of the charity along the hundreds of others.

Today made me realise that I’m so determined to do this Half Marathon, raise the money & make Nan proud of me, that tomorrow’s 11miles is a step closer to doing all that.

As my dedication said ‘Nan, you might have forgotten, but we never will’



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