I would run 11 miles & I would run just 2 more…

…and then I’d be given a ticking off for not listening to the running coach? Considering the amount of aching that’s occurring in my little 5’6″ body right now, he may’ve had a point.

After doing the 10k Memory Walk through Cardiff yesterday, I thought I would’ve had a serious lack of energy but weirdly, I felt better than ever. My other half and I went for an all you can eat buffet on Saturday evening so I could “carb load” (aka eat an excessive amount of food worthy of a coma). I also drank an excessive amount of water which was good at the time but attempting to find my way to the bathroom in the dark without my glasses has become an all too regular occurrence. Oh how my insides both hate and love me.


This morning, I managed to wake up on my own with no help from the alarm (very rare), had a piece of brown toast and almond butter with a homemade fruit smoothie before Vaseline-pasting my feet and heading out. It’s a nice feeling on a Sunday morning knowing that by about 12pm you will have run a fair distance, accomplished more than you thought and enjoyed the company of other runners along the way. I met up with the Maindy Harriers and we took a different route to normal. Usually, the session accommodates those of all abilities but today it was the Marathon/Half Marathon guys…And I can’t believe I was among them.

Run leader Wayne, gives us good inspiration before running and comes with us to make sure we’re well energised and well waterered.


“I just wanted to say a big well done on this morning’s efforts. I have witnessed a lot of hard work and commitment for many of you over a long period of time. It’s always a privilege witnessing such character and discipline. Finalising your runs long training runs with such energy and purpose bodes so well for the upcoming marathons and half marathons. It’s been a pleasure and I respect you all!” – Wayne, Maindy Harriers Coach

We ran along the Taff Trail through Bute Park, past the Millennium Stadium, along the Taff Embankment all the way up to the Penarth Barrage into Cardiff Bay and back to where we’d come from. It was really scenic and despite living in Cardiff for all of my life, somewhere I’d never seen before. There was a slight barrage hiccup in that it was raised when we all rocked up. So there we were, a group of runners on a time limit, bouncing up and down shouting for the bridge to come down. We amused a fair few passers-by so we did our job for the day.


The route we went along is part of the Cardiff Half Marathon which was great experience for us first time runners of the route. We were really privileged to be running with some of the guys who’ll be doing the Chester Marathon. They’re amazing!

We ploughed through our 11miles/20miles (for those who are mad enough to run a marathon) and I felt really good when we were due to finish. So when we got to 11miles… I may’ve carried on. Does anyone else get the competitive feeling in beating your own PB? I decided in my wisdom I’d do another mile to make it 12… Then this turned into 13.2miles…


On my return, I did get a ticking off from Wayne but he congratulated me on my effort. It’s the only time I haven’t listened to what he’s told me! My legs were horrendously achey. I felt it in my knees quite a lot so tried out some new stretches to make sure I wouldn’t wake up in complete agony. I also booked myself and my other half in for a Deep Tissue Massage in the Siam Lounge, Whitchurch. He was really well deserving of this as yesterday he ran 7.5miles! Very proud of him as he wasn’t a runner until he met me and decided to sign up for the Cardiff Half. Broken arm and all. Dedication much? IMG_2490 IMG_2492

After the pain and relief of a massage, I baked some Peanut Butter (Gluten Free) cookies, recipe courtesy of my lovely friend Kay. They were pretty yum! My other half and I then created a salmon and vegetable overload to sort us out. Consuming that amount of healthy food, running 13.2 miles and having a massage completely finished me off.

The lesson from this? Although the Proclaimers walked 500 miles and would do 500 more, when Wayne says ‘Do 11miles’, you do 11miles.



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