These shoes were made for running.. but I wasn’t

With running, comes an assumption that the person doing it will be quite elegant and look, well, like a runner. A lean, mean running machine. However, this is a stereotype that I not only had to get my head around but also completely annihilate. Meet me, the most unladylike, ungraceful runner ever. This is how I feel vs how I actually look…

Running reality

…I look even more ungraceful trying to struggle my way out of a sweaty sports bra after the running has been completed…


Now, whereas many people would try to contest this reality, I’m very appreciative of this fact. And here’s why:

1. Keeps it real

2. I’m under no false illusions (like those folk on X Factor who have clearly been told by friends and relatives they sing like James Brown but have never actually heard them perform and consequently set them up for public humiliation and massacre)

3. I embrace my Phoebe from Friends run…



At this point in time, I’d love to pop out for a quick mile or two’s run. Instead, I’ll just ponder about how graceful I could be…



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