Ola a partir de Portugal!


Yep, that was the view I had on my 3miler this morning in sunny Portugal! Some may say I’m a ‘saddo’ (thanks Dad) but I’d prefer dedicated to my cause? I’ve been having running guilt so a 7.45am start, armed with my headphones & brother in law on a bike, we set off.

As you can see, it was pretty picturesque & sunny.. A novelty considering my past record of soggy runs. We went along the particularly hilly road on the way down to the lagoon, along a gravel path, and ending at a restaurant we visited last night. Across the water we could see Foz De Arelho (best beach ever.. Good ice cream.. Could’ve done with one)

We had a quick swig of water & missioned it back. We encountered a few locals who wished us a good morning. Only problem is we failed in our Portuguese. The only word we know is ‘obrigada’ (thank you) & as they let us pass, we both shouted ‘thanks!’


Going to the path was enjoyable, running downhill. Jon & I suddenly realised that we needed to go back up the hills we went down… Hard work doesn’t cut it. It was quite warm & the resort has a few secret dips which we found out about!

We managed to complete 3miles & I even dunked my legs in our very cold pool! All in all, it was a success & I may well go again before the holiday’s out!



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