Ola a partir de Portugal! (Take 2)


How many people think I’m a nut for getting my running shoes on while abroad? How many runners think it’s dedication?

I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to get the motivation to do it. This morning consisted of eating an actual breakfast, warming up & stretching properly & taking water for the journey.

I had more company & encouragement from my family today. As they rode their bikes, I ran alongside. It was pretty hard going the warmer it got. But my playlist was pretty good so kept me going. We went alongside the Lagoon, taking in the sights, seeing people fishing first thing on a Sunday & it was really relaxed.


Standing on the boardwalk, looking out to Foz, I was pretty happy that I’d taken up the running & would be making my Nan very proud.

4miles later, I was both knackered & sweating like a beast… But I did good.


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