Back with the runs!

Evening followers! Here I am, back to Earth with a bump & back to the good old British weather.

I would’ve updated when I returned from my Portuguese adventure on Weds but I managed to get a mild but inconvenient form of Listeriosis… All because I was trying to eat well before my race next week!

I was eating fresh fruits & salad, fresh meat & other good things that should help me to build myself in the lead up. However, eating an entire Canteloupe Melon to oneself over a week was a mistake, especially after the lack of eating in the past 3days.

Listeriosis is something that you can get from Canteloupe Melons if they’re not prepared properly… Basically food poisoning but with a touch of migraine, nausea & hot/cold sweats. Hideous… Especially for me who loves her food!

I’m realising that now I’m back there’ll be no experimenting with funny food. Just eat what you know’s in date!

On a plus, there’s one week to go until the Half Marathon & my pack arrived in the post! Anyone else felt the nerves that hit when you get your first race pack for your first Half Marathon?


Scary! But exciting. And my partner is running it with me because he’s very good to me & is also doing it for a great cause.

So, if anyone has any Half Marathon advice for the final countdown, let me know! Any advice is helpful!


8 thoughts on “Back with the runs!

  1. Just aim to run comfortably and finish. Enjoy the course. Enjoy the vibe. You can always return next year to get a time that you’re happy about. That’s what I did last year.


      1. Honestly I didn’t have any. As soon as it got 2 or 3 days out I was buzzing ready to go. I was a solo runner too. Last year I was aiming to just finish. This time last year I couldn’t even run a full 5km Parkrun without having to walk so I thought I’d finish in about 3-3.5hrs. Managed to smash that and finished in 2.48 It’s a great course too with a massive amount of flat space and the crowds are amazing, they really come out in force.


      2. You too. Yes I am running again this year. Hoping to be around 2hrs 30 or less with a little perseverance. You’ll love it. Just hope the weather is kind again this year.


  2. That’s exciting! I haven’t run a half-marathon yet so can’t really offer any advice other than to say have fun, enjoy the day and go easy on the melons! Best of luck to you both. 🙂


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