Sunday Running had me a blast….

melon collie

…Sunday running didn’t happen that fast. And it’s all down to that Portuguese Melon.

As I’ve pre-mentioned, my episode with the foresaid fruit has left me feeling slightly melon-choly (apologies… Feel it needed to be done!) for a number of reasons:

1. I got poisoned by a melon…. Who gets poisoned by a melon?

2. It’s ruined my appetite for any food whatsoever (Nice roast dinners are going to waste… it’s serious)

3. I’ve got no energy because of nil by mouth situation

4. I went food shopping and didn’t really want any of it

5. I’m like a Chameleon… I have to keep changing my clothes because of post poisoning sweats!

I’m slightly concerned that 6 days before a Half Marathon I should be fuelling up, making sure I eat the right things and looking after myself and instead, I’m giving Canteloupes the evils in Asda.

I was however cursing both suspect fruit and myself when I decided to do a little run with the running club today. I was feeling OK in myself and thought getting out with the guys in the fresh air, having a catch up and not going too hard at it would be fine. We did a total of 5miles with me carrying a litre bottle of water most of the way around. I never do that. It was a really nice day and was quite warm which didn’t help so much.

I’ve had the smallest amount of roast dinner, 2 slices of toast, a bite of a sandwich & some mash potato in the past 24hours… I really hope that by drinking lots of water and trying to eat something, it will help.

My last tapering run is on Tuesday so between now and then, I’ll try to get something down me and make sure the hot sweats and chills don’t continue to multiply.


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