Pen-run-timate Fun

So we’re 2 days away from the big goal, the one I’ve been training for 9 months to tackle & this week has been a pretty chilled one.

I did my last 4.5miles on Tuesday & it went really well. Going out with the guys from the running club, some of whom have done the Cardiff Half before, was calming! We ran the usual Taff Trail circuit although it got a bit darker a bit quick.

I managed to do the right stretches & on Weds I went for a leisurely swim (along with about 30 elderly & fabulous ladies doing water aerobics to ‘Come on Eileen’) & walked 5miles.


I thought it might be more sensible to do light exercise instead of doing a proper run & pulling something.

Tomorrow is the pre-fuelling day so a great excuse to eat lots of good stuff & get stocked up. I’m going along the pasta route.. Or is there something better I should be eating?

I’ll be sat in my pjs on a Friday night arranging what my running outfit will be for Sunday… Oh how things have changed.


4 thoughts on “Pen-run-timate Fun

      1. Not this year but maybe next year – it’s hosting the works half marathon championship if I recall, so would be nice to say I ran in that! Ha ha!


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