13.1miles = 13.1 BIG smiles!!


WE DID IT!!!! And as you can see, we were all smiles!

Race day morning I woke up to this view…


… And knew we were onto a winning day. I was so nervous that the toast & smoothie didn’t settle for butterflies.

We were at Maindy to meet the rest of the guys at 7.45am (who gets up that early on a Sunday..? And who runs 13miles once they’re up?!) These lovely guys & many more are responsible for helping me reach my goal…


There was so much nervous energy it was both amazing & terrifying! Walking down to the start line, dropping off bags, wishing everyone luck & getting lined up ready was a crazy feeling, especially knowing that over 21,000 people were in the same position as you. How often does that happen?

Plenty of opportunity for our game faces….


… And off we went into the sea of runners, non runners & spectators. The buzz was phenomenal, the atmosphere was electric & that was all before 2 energy gels, a bottle of Lucozade, Jelly Babies & a pint of Coke!


The first few miles went really well, enthusiasm & excitement at a high level. Once we hit our first bit of a hill, game faces were well & truly on. Karlos & I were so busy judging the fashion statement running trousers on display, the awesome tshirts & fancy dress, that we were at 7miles before we knew it.

We had an insane amount of support from family & friends & we couldn’t be more grateful for their generosity & coming out on the day (some nearly missing us for man-spotting & drama following!)

The 10mile mark, we started to waiver. I started to get aches in my hips… They felt like they were grating which was getting pretty hard to ignore. Karlos got calf pain & was in the zone, like me, trying to grit teeth & get through it. The 12mile point & the hills that followed brought a few tears to the eyes.

But we powered through, crowds cheering & shouting their encouragement. When we saw the finish line, we pretty much made a dash with the last bit of energy we had.

We made it. 9 months of training, 2 septic blisters, 2 pairs of trainers, 10 energy gels, an uncountable amount of whinging & nearly £600 for Alzheimer’s UK… I cried.


It suddenly hit me what it was all for & I was so proud of us.

I couldn’t thank Karlos enough for doing the 13.1miles with me, running with me for months beforehand, encouraging me, giving me a prod in the back when I moaned about wanting to sit down, complaining about blisters, food poisoning & wanting to go to the toilet for at least 6miles of the run! Stars are pretty rare, so when you’re lucky enough to spot one, you have to hang on to it… It may not do a race with you again when you beat it by a millisecond but the initial thought’s there.

This is currently where we’re at…


… However…

I think I might be getting the fever… I’ve been told to sign up for 2 more half marathons & an ACTUAL MARATHON?! Thoughts?

For the minute…I’m staying put & aching.. And whinging about it of course…



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