Hello I’m Beth & I’m an addict…

For any runners out there…. When people said you’d get the running bug, how many of you believed them? I for one, didn’t. Thinking about how much I’ve whinged & moaned about aches, the rain & blisters… Makes me think there’s no way I’m doing anymore.

However, in the past 24hours, this happened…



… Thanks to gentle persuasion & the fact I can’t say no, I’m now signed up to do 2 more Half Marathons. The first is in a few weeks, the second is in March.

The one in Gosport in November is particularly exciting because I’m going for a PB of 2hrs running with my cousin who’s going to put aside her usual PB aims & help me instead 🙂 I’m hoping I don’t get to 10miles & get the hip-ache I had last week.

The one in March is with some guys from the running club who just so happened to say ‘We’re doing the Bath Half, you’re doing it with us yeah?’ … So I signed up.

So, back on the horse I get with a 3-4miler with the Maindy Harriers tonight. And of course… It’s Thursday… And it’s raining. Nothing changes in 9months.


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