Moody Blue Sunday

So, many might know from reading my blog, that part of the reason I started running was to raise lots of money for my chosen charity in memory of my Nan who suffered from Dementia. The other reason was to help manage my own mental health.

Back in 2010, I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever and it was the worst news for a person who is constantly on the go. I had started a new job, was living away from home and missing everyone there. I spent 3 months either in bed or watching TV, unable to exercise or go to work. I got increasingly more down, suffering with paranoia, anxiety and was then told I had depression. When the fever finally went away, I could see that I needed to pull myself out of my little hole of self woe and stop burdening my family and friends. I tried everything the experts tell you to; tablets, hobbies, writing, talking therapy, CBT and hypnotherapy… None of which were fantastic. Exercise was pretty much the one thing that actually helped to boost my mood.

Since I’ve been with the running club, meeting some great new people and working towards a goal, I’ve felt increasingly better and more positive. However, I decided in all my wisdom, to go out into town on Saturday night and have a few drinks with the girls. We had a fab time catching up and having a dance. The morning after, people normally dread the old headache and munchies but for me, it’s when my anxiety/depression raises its head.

I was annoyed with myself for drinking when I know how bad it makes me feel the day after. I started getting my anxiety and stressing that I’d wasted the opportunity for a good running session and that if I wasn’t more strict, I wouldn’t be able to complete the Gosport Half in a couple of weeks. This is why going out for that run on a Sunday every week with the club really helps me and why doing it in general has changed my mindset.

Bearing in mind how my brain has been feeling, I’m debating on Yoga tonight to help… But knowing me, I’ll probably head out for that run so I can boost my mood.


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