Advice needed!

Hello followers! I promise I haven’t disappeared off the face of the running planet. Between starting a new & fabulous job to feeling a little niggle in the old left hip, I’ve not had time to write!

In a nutshell, this has been my week:


I decided to give the art of Tabata a try. If you guys have had the pleasure of experiencing this form of exercise, you’ll know that this first half hour of mad working out is enough to polish you off. If you haven’t done it before… The first time will indeed finish you off. I was swayed by the pure fact that it was high intensity (good, I thought, for running practice) and it was only half an hour. There were an insane amount of box jumps, burpees, weights, core exercises and a manic lady shouting ‘encouragement’ at the front of the class. I obviously liked it so much, I’m off to do it again tonight.

snoopyI’ve been so unbelievably sleepy over the past two weeks that exercising has been hard work. Starting a brand new job has taken the wind out of my metaphorical sails. Alongside that, there was going to a gig and attending mine and my colleague’s welcome drinks. I was on both occasions Des (Designated Driver) so no alcohol was consumed. I still have to be mildly disciplined if I want to run the Gosport Half Marathon in November…which in my estimations is not that far away!

shin_iceI have also been slightly concerned about a mild ache in my shin. Hence me laying off the running for a week, just in case. I’m getting involved in stretching properly and icing my leg and it’s actually not too bad. I know some say that ‘shin splints’ are a sign of ‘too much, too soon’ but I’m hoping that for one, it isn’t splints, and for two, that this isn’t the case. I’ve also discovered an achey and grinding feeling in my left hip as I’m running. I’m not entirely sure what to do about it or how to treat it… I’ve got a feeling that whatever the remedy, I’m not going to like what people tell me.

In reference to my last struggle, I need..


So, if anyone has any advice on how to deal with hip ache/grinding, please let me know. I’ve been told that Yoga might help me and seeing a physio (we have two of those in the family which might help me out!)

For now, I won’t push my luck, but I will push myself tonight with a little bit of mind boggling exercise aimed Ta-Bata me..


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