Aches, Pilates & Smuggery


Yep, this was me after I completed my 30minutes of Tabata and 1 hour of Pilates…And yep, this amount of exercise was unintentional.

Although I was feeling a bit achey from my 6mile run the previous day, I decided I’d give Tabata another shot. It was intense, made me sweat like a beast and was pretty good fun at the same time.

Short, sharp and sweat inducing… and there was a fitness test involved. The instructor wants to see a difference in our fitness between now and 4 weeks time. We were all made to do as many burpees, air squats and press ups as we possibly could, 1 minute for each exercise. Given I have no upper body strength, a weak bottom and a dodgy hip, I probably didn’t do the best. However, I felt slightly better that a fellow running club member who was also present, was as worn out as me. It was actually down to this person that I decided to go along to Pilates. She said that the stretching in yoga/Pilates is really helping with her running. So, as I do, I decided to tag along.

I always forget how ultimately bad I am at Pilates… I’m not the most flexible person, I also have minimal to no abdominal muscles (pet named my ‘abdominoes) so trying to do a number of sit ups & core exercises (without the help of my core muscles) was pretty tricky. The stretches, however, were really good for my post-run body and I felt my left hip and leg loosening up. I’m not sure whether Pilates will be my first choice again as ideally I’d like to find a good Yoga class.

My next run is Thursday so we’ll see how the joints are feeling then. Until that time, I’ll just be sat moaning about my achey armpits and weak bottom.


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