It’s Taper Time!

It is now 4 DAYS until the Gosport Half Marathon… And I’m back into the tapering stages. Anyone else get twitchy at this point?

I’ve been a bit light on the running in the past week so I don’t aggravate the potential leg ache any further. Due to long coming car troubles, I’ve had the odd 2mile trek to work, I’ve been doing Yoga/Pilates to help with stretching out my weary muscles and have been at the shin with ‘Deep Freeze’. As you can see, I’m pretty determined to do this half, but this week I need to chill it… If you know me, you know this isn’t easy.

I joined my lovely running club on Sunday for a last 6mile run before tapering and did this in 58minutes…

Not bad for me though I did start off with the quick runners (for a chat and catch up!) and slowly moved my way back. I’m alright but I’m not that level. We ran along the Taff Trail, usual route, but I wasn’t feeling top notch.

Eating a lonely banana before a 6mile run was not ideal and this started to show 3/4 of the way through. I know exactly what I’ll be having before the half on Sunday and I’ll be taking a few gels along for the ride.

Some of the guys decided on the way back to Maindy, that we should play a game. The person at the back of the line had to run to the front and so on. It was pretty good motivation as I was ready to give up but being stubborn, I thought ‘just one more and I’ll slow down’. It’s amazing what running with other people will do to you. We kept going for a mile or so and then went back to a gentle jog which we kept up until we met the others.

There was talk about my half marathon (which our running coach isn’t too pleased about me doing) and ‘good luck’ wishes which was really amazing. The support from our club is brilliant. I promised them all I’d take it easy and go at a good pace. Mainly, I promised I’d try not to get hurt!

I know I need to take it easy so I’ve lined up a few sessions of Pilates/Yoga and a short run to keep me ticking over. I think the stretching and chilling will really help me to get into ‘the zone’… It will also send me off to sleep.

Do you have any hints & tips for my Half? Any foodie suggestions? Get in touch!IMG_3137-2.JPG


7 thoughts on “It’s Taper Time!

  1. 4 days!! No real hints or tips other than start on the slower side and try not to get caught up in the excitement of the start (whenever I do I burn out so fast), listen to your body (especially your potential leg ache!), and enjoy it! 🙂 I spent the 4-or-so days before my half eating as much pasta and carby-things as possible, and that seemed to do the trick for me fuel-wise. That, and I stopped for an energy chew every 30 minutes or so. But I had a tiny breakfast and didn’t bonk, so I guess there’s something to be said for carbo-loading! Anyway, good luck, have fun, and I’m sure you’ll do great!!


    1. Thanks dgobs! I’ll make sure I don’t get too carried away.. I know what I’m like! Stopping for an energy nibble sounds like a good idea…Did you carry any water/drinks around with you? Lots of pasta and jacket potatoes for me in the next few days! Thanks so much for the advice 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! I’m certainly not an expert, but I’m still surprised that I was able to run a half marathon at all so I can at least share what worked for me 🙂 I did carry water with me; I have a handheld bottle that carries about 10oz (it’s supposed to carry more but it leaks if it’s full), and I took a cup from every water stop too, opting for Gatorade if they had it. Ooh jacket potatoes… I’ll have to remember that for my carbo-loading next time! 🙂


      2. I bet you did a great job! Well done on running that. Bet you were thrilled?! Good idea visiting the drinks stops… Have to see if my race offers that. A good jacket potato with beans and cheese… Definitely a winner! 🙂


  2. Congrats on making it to taper time and good luck! My only tips are to relax and trust your training. You have done all the hard work. Don’t change anything you have been doing. Stick to the same routine and just enjoy yourself. Good luck!


    1. Hi Sarah, thanks! How did you get on in your taper time? Were you well behaved? I find it so hard to keep still! Got the nerves already but looking forward to it 🙂 Are you lined up to do another one? Also, loved your superhero post!


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