Guest Post – Don’t Let Depression Out-Run You by @waverleywelsh

A big thanks to Charlie in the Pool for letting me be a part of her blog… This is my entry…

Charlie In The Pool

Today’s guest post is from the lovely Beth. Her inspiring blog is about depression and how running has helped her overcome it. This is her story.
You can find her blog here and also follow her on twitter here.

I came across an interesting article called ‘Outrunning Depression: Exploring the link between body and mind’ which looks at a group of teenagers with the condition and looks at whether keeping fit can help.

I think it can.

When Charlie put out a tweet appeal for guest bloggers, I responded pretty quickly because I’ve suffered from depression most of my life and still have a daily battle with anxiety.

I am what you’d call, formerly depressed and presently anxious.

I wake up on a morning (that’s if I’ve slept properly the night before) worrying about the little things… the day ahead, worrying that my car will break down on…

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