A Bum Deal

Hello ladies and gents!

My apologies for the off-radar approach to blogging. Plenty going on, not all of it good but at least one laughable/frustrating thing to note… I have a lazy bottom. Yes, this is a thing and yes, I had it diagnosed by a physio who found it hard not to giggle.

You could say I’m in a conun-bum.

To explain.

After finishing the Gosport Half Marathon, to say I was in slight agony would’ve been an understatement. The usual niggles arose; hips and inner leg. After hobbling about for a week in a John Wayne-esque manner, I decided it was about time to seek medical advice. The physiotherapist, Emma, was great. She was a runner herself so could give me plenty of good advice suited to me. I don’t know about anyone else, but I generally tend to consult the omniscient running force…. Google. Good for general advice but not great when you’re looking for something specific.

According to Emma, I managed to give myself repetitive strain in my inner left leg from my dodgy trainers (a certain well known running shop/company advised me wrongly in the trainer department me thinks). But there was also more. She informed me, without cracking a smile (pardon the pun), that my ‘gluteal muscles do not engage when running. In fact, they’re not active.’ … I actually have a lazy bottom. When the rest of my body wants to run, my middle class bottom does not. It outright refuses according to the physio.

I know I’m a stubborn ass but now I actually have one!

stubbornShe’s given me some exercises to do in order to ‘engage’ my rear end. It is thanks to my full trunk that my running style is shot and why I was having pain in my hips after running. I’ve been doing the exercises but not to full capacity as I’ve now got a chest infection… fail. I have, however, been signed up under physio orders, to go along to a six week class first thing in the morning on a Monday in order to help my lower half wake up.

Who knew that my bottom would be getting it’s own exercise class? Come to think about it… My bottom doesn’t like doing what I tell it. It apparently hates running, it sinks me when I swim, it does a Beyoncé wiggle all of its own when it shouldn’t and it likes a lot of room when I’m all cosy in bed. It better get engaged on Monday.

Because of all this, I haven’t been running in ages and I’m missing it like mad. Having quite bad anxiety means that when I go for a run, it really does help. Running with my boy, running with my club or even running by myself really helps. At the moment, I literally feel like I’m on the edge of my seat all of the time which is normally dulled a but after a run or some form of exercise. Not sure that hiking up 6 flights of stairs with a chest infection in a shopping centre through pure stubbornness helped my situation much. I am however determined to do something soon because I’m going stir-crazy.

In the meantime, I will try not to sulk about my hindrance and whip my stubborn behind into gear ready for physio on Monday.


5 thoughts on “A Bum Deal

  1. I know this post shouldn’t have made me laugh, but I couldn’t suppress a few giggles! Conun-bum… love it! Now that my giggles have passed, I hope that your bum gets whipped into shape and starts behaving so that you can get back to running ASAP!


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