Monday Bumday

Happy Monday ladies and gents! How are we all after the weekend? Twas a busy one which was rounded off with a total exercise bum bashing this morning… Allow me to expand.

After my slightly amusing visit to the physio who announced that ‘my gluteal muscles did not actively engage’ when I run (or in normal person speak, my bottom is lazy and doesn’t like to exercise), I was told that I had to attend a session first thing on a Monday morning for 6weeks.

So, at 8am this morning, I was gym geared up and ready for my physio session… Which turned out to be a circuits class for those with lazy body parts. I wasn’t quite with it for a considerable part of the session so the various warm ups forced me into consciousness. There was jogging involved. A lot of it. Bearing in mind I seem to be falling apart as a human being complete with chest infection, running around a room almost finished me off.

Now apparently, if you suffer from lazy bottom syndrome, you have to do an insane amount of squats, lunges, jumping around, cardio, balancing and falling over. There were 16 stations with varying exercises… All of which knackered me out. I was sweating buckets, which I wasn’t expecting. Luckily, the physios were very nice and were very encouraging. They were very reassuring in letting me know that I’m not the only runner whose bottom doesn’t like to get involved.

I did try to ease myself back into the world of exercise yesterday by going to the gym for an hour. Because of the old chesty cough, I had to cycle for half hour then do the exercises given to me by the physio. I thought it would help me out for today. Didn’t really make a dent!

Also, coming into work after my bum-derful session to a desk full of chocolatey biscuits, homemade cake and treats is pretty dangerous. As a team, we are definitely doing the whole ‘New Year, New You’ thing. We shall see how long we last. For now, You’ll find me and my reluctant bottom under a pile of treats on the desk to the right.IMG_3345-0.JPG


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