Happy Christmas Bumday!

Session 2 of Monday, pre-Christmas bum-cercise complete… and the ache has begun!

After a pretty heavy Saturday night with my ex-housemates (who are particularly mental but ultimately fabulous and pictured below), the exercise was pretty welcome.


Though doing a circuit class at 8.15am is still a shocker to my non-morning person system..

It was worse this morning because it was blowing a gale outside and my other half was still fast asleep as I was busy putting my gym trousers on the wrong way round in the dark. My brain can’t deal with that much thought early on a morning.

When I got to the session, the barriers of communication were down as I started chatting to a lady who was there. She seemed really nice and is very good at everything we’re told to do. She’s also from Fareham, near Gosport, so we chatted about that for a bit too. That and giving encouragement throughout the class which was much needed!

The exercises did seem a bit easier than last week. Again, lots of squats, lunges, bum lifts, hip flexes etc. It’s actually surprising how much you work when you’re doing weight stuff. I always assumed cardio is the ultimate killer but I was worn out by the time I’d finished the hour. It’s really good because I can take those exercises from the classes and do them in the gym which helps. My bum has never seen so much action… Although sounding wrong, it’s very true.

I also had a lovely message from my running club. I haven’t been in a while because of my niggles and flu and other crappy/stressful stuff. They let me know that they missed me and wanted me back as soon as possible which was so amazing to hear. The support we all give each other is incredible and they’re a fantastic group of people. I do really miss them. And the running. Most definitely need to keep my arse in gear to make sure I can go back in the New Year. It will be a year since I joined as well which I’m really proud of.

Another gym session needs to happen this week and then maybe, just maybe, a little run to see how I feel. At the minute it’s my chest that’s not so great after having flu. But hey, I’ll get there.

Plus, if my other half continues to give my bottom a good pep talk before each session, it might crack on and get more active in the process.

I didn’t realise I’d be ending 2014 giving words of encouragement and pep talks to my lazy bottom. Who knew eh?


7 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Bumday!

  1. Well done tackling the bum circuit! Glad to hear it’s getting easier, and hopefully it will whip your bum into shape soon 🙂 That is so sweet about your running club checking in too… I joined mine around New Years last year too, and it’s amazingly helpful to have such a supportive group!

    Fun fact – I have family in Fareham! It’s a lovely town, I’ve only been there once to visit, but I got giddy at the mention of it in your post! 🙂

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    1. Thanks dgobs! I’m hoping so! How are things going with you? Are you resisting the Christmas nibble urge? That’s awesome about you and your running club too! Congratulations on your year anniversary 🙂 Have you really?? That’s awesome! Some of my family are there but also in Gosport just up the road! 🙂


      1. Things are okay with me, except for the whole injured foot business. Hopefully I’ll be back on track soon! The Christmas nibble urge was very strong and I have to admit I couldn’t resist it very well! Now that all the treats are gone I should be better 🙂 I’ve never been to Gosport but I’ve heard it’s cool! (My Mum has been and wants to live there now, hehe 🙂 ) I hope you had a great Christmas!


      2. Ah yes, thats the worst isnt it? Fingers crossed for you! Was it? Hats off to almost resisting! Have you not? Its alright & Portsmouth is nice too! Does she? The power of Gosport! I did thank you 🙂 sounds like you did too?!

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