2015 Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! Come on then, how many of you made resolutions in 2014 that you stuck to? And how many of you are making up for this by making some for 2015? I didn’t do too badly this year.

90% of the resolutions I made, I stuck to. Including building myself up to running a Half Marathon… Not too shabby considering I did 2.

So here are my goals for 2015:

– To not let my lazy bottom defeat me

– To run a 5k in under 29minutes

– To do the Parkrun on a Saturday morning at 9am for half hour

– To run the Bath Half Marathon in 2hours 7mins or less

– To run the Women’s Running 10k with my lovely sister who hates running

– To beat my overwhelming feelings of panic, anxiety and instability by keeping positive and remembering that I’m a pretty cool person who ran 2 half marathons in 2014!

The biggest goal for me is the last one. All of these are pretty achievable (kicking that lazy bottom of mine into shape has already commenced) but the last one will be the hardest. I struggle with hideous anxiety and am constantly on the edge of my seat with panic about things that might happen, could happen but probably won’t happen.

Running makes my anxiety better, it makes me feel really good for what I’ve done and helps to clear my mind. As does most exercise. In my time of weak bottomed-ness, my anxiety has been really bad. Everything has been bothering me and ‘everything’ has gone wrong (obviously it hasn’t but in my crazy head it has). 2014 has been filled with great loss, excitement, a new job, stress, moving, moving again, being bullied and despite all of this, realising that I’m a very lucky person to have the people and the life that I have.

2015 is my year. A year of the 28minute 5k, the 54minute 10k & the 2hr 6minute half marathon. It’s also a year to control the anxiety, be grateful everyday for who I’ve got in my life and man the f**k up. Time for beating the Stig-ma.

Let’s do this.


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