Resistance is Futile

Why is it when you make a resolution, something has to give? Yep, it’s health-related. And no, I hear you ask, my lazy bottom is not the something that’s given way.  Try lungs instead.

I’ve been pretty epically active in the past week; Parkrun 5k (completed in 30mins) last Saturday followed by a 3.5mile walk (all done in the pouring Welsh rain), a 5mile run on Sunday with my running club (completed in 49mins), a crazy-ass Zumba class on Tuesday of which the instructor literally whips you if you don’t shift fast enough, Netball on Wednesday and a chest infection on Thursday… Lovely.

Being an asthmatic, not having the flu-jab, and suffering from the old Generalised Anxiety what-not, probably hasn’t helped my start to 2015. The lack of flu jab is not through want of trying… they told me they’d run out so basically, hard lines. Why are most surgery receptionists, dragons?! Must be in the job spec. Like letting agents.

This is a setback. I can’t be ill and not breathing right when I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon in March! I’m going through all means and antibiotics. Something’ll work soon 🙂 I’ve got goals to be smashing after all.

I did receive my Parkrun book yesterday so I suppose if the infection continues I could just read about running… Oh how my lazy bottom will bask in the glory of sitting down once again. I will not be defeated.

Lemon and honey, oranges, kiwi fruit, antibiotics and shed-loads of tissues should help right? Anybody with any fabulous remedies I haven’t tried, I’m open to suggestions!


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