The Lady Vanishes

Hello there followers!

Yes, it appeared that I’d dropped off the face of the Earth for a considerable amount of time. As it happens plenty of things have been happening. A new year for starters!

My lovely new resolution about being a running extraordinaire hasn’t quite worked out as planned. Here’s why:

1. Lots of personal living space drama (big anxiety high and not able to run!)

2. Not just one chest infection but two in the space of a month (walking has been an issue and stairs brought out the 90 year old in me)

3. My lazy bottom and leg twinges began to surface on my last 5miler… Leg exercises have been happening to stop this.

4. Feeling a bit downhearted because I’ve been ill and still trying to battle through the exercise anyway… Unwise.

But… The cough has subsided, I can walk further than 3 feet without passing out and I am no longer on 10 tablet medication. Therefore, my first run back will be this Sunday with my fabulous boss from a previous job. She’s plucked up the courage to go for a run and is pretty nervous. This will be my first run in a while so I’ll be sensible and take it easy.

Besides I, like everyone else, have had some lovely new shiny running gear for Christmas and haven’t been able to show it off yet! Roll on Sunday… And let’s hope this lady vanishes not after a cheeky mile or two.


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