Parkrunning Gossip Girls

parkrun2Happy Monday peeps! I hope you all had a good weekend full of productive running. Getting back to full running health is going one step at a time and my steps took me to Parkrun at 9am on Saturday morning.

Parkrun is a great idea. You can get up, do your 5k, have your fresh air and get home before 9.45am for a well-earned cuppa. My only problem with this is actually levering myself out of the cosy chamber of sleep… I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the leg muscles.

However, willpower prevailed on the morning and I got myself all kitted out and ready to run.

IMG_3506It helped to know that I wouldn’t be tackling the morning alone. My ex-colleague and new running buddy, Nicola would be there (after a kick-starter coffee, she’s ready to face the world!) and my little sister (as enthusiastic as ever kitted out in my running gear!).

Finding each other across the expanse of Tesco car parking spaces and enthusiastic runners was the tricky bit. When we finally found each other, we followed the chattering crowds in their serious running attire and vast amounts of day-glo to the start line. I don’t think the girls were expecting as many people as there were. I don’t know about you, but I find that helps. It’s almost like mental encouragement and wanting to keep up with everyone else.

It took an even funnier turn when we bumped into Katie, my lovely ex-boss, who’d decided to brave the cold in her very awesome running gear (so jealous of her amazing running leggings!) to do the Parkrun. She was taking over her sister’s very cool running blog while she’s away (It’s called Crandon Runs and is a good running read!)

So, with our little running club established, we set off on our 5k circuit. Along the Taff Trail in the sunshine, gossiping away in true Comms fashion. We were admiring the very energetic Mums and Dads with push chairs and dogs tackling the morning sprint. How do they do it? Did hear a guy giving his dog a good talking to, warning him that he better not want to stop along the way.. No pressure!

As you’ve probably guessed, getting 4 girls who love a good gossip to run 5k, would be quite a thing to watch. How we managed to keep up the convo and run, I don’t know. My sister was amazed. I talk for Britain and clearly don’t stop even when pounding the pavement! I find talking and running helps me to pace myself and if I’m getting breathless, I’m going a bit too fast.

34mins later, we were back at the finish and trying to keep warm. I learned from my Parkrun barcode incident last time (non-waterproof coat+torrential January rain = Disintegrated tracking barcode) and used a plastic lanyard to keep it safe. Much better. No sludgey paper to contend with.

IMG_3798It was really good to be running with the girls. Running with company is definitely a good way of keeping the motivation going and the heartrate/gossip rate up. Plus, we get to chat about when the next wine-up will be! Really proud of my little sis who didn’t think she could run the 5k. She did it, no complaints and is has signed up with me to do the Women’s Running 10k in May.

Despite the cold, I think she enjoyed the circuit and joining in the nattering about life’s weird and not-so-wonderful offerings! So, although 9am on a Saturday might sounds like something way too overcoming, just think… You could burn calories not only running, but having a gossip too. Can’t wait to do the next run now!


4 thoughts on “Parkrunning Gossip Girls

      1. We don’t have anything like parkrun near me, which is really too bad. My run club does a 3-mile run every Thursday that’s usually a chill workout, but everyone is so much faster than me so I don’t get to have the fun gossip girl-type experience. Maybe someday!


      2. Oh really? I do love a nice 5k! Are they? That’s not so good! A chill run should be about the gossiping as well as the running right?! 😛 Get a friend to go along too… Voila! Keeping fit and catching up 🙂


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