Sisters are doing it for themselves

Sisters are doing it for themselves, running on their own two feet… And having a great time doing it.

My little sister has never been too fond of running. She’s a little gym bunny, looking fabulous and effortless as she pounds the treadmill, all 5ft 10 of her. She loves a good dance class and is far too elegant at these for my liking… Considering I have no co-ordination and resemble a hippo in Harrods.

I’ve been trying to get her to give running a go but she’s never been too keen… Until now.

Before Christmas I mentioned about her coming to running club with me to see what she thought about it. She thought. She considered. She liked the idea. So, in preparation, we did our run last Sunday and then did another on Tuesday. In true sisterly fashion, she rocked up looking fabulous and carefree… All dressed in black. Now, as runners know, running at night all dressed in black is dangerous. So, I gave her a kit-makeover. In the end, I had her wearing a combination of turquoise, neon pink and wearing a running headband. Definitely looked the part. Her fiancé and our Mum did laugh.. Which means I did good.

We’ve successfully done x2 3mile runs, a 3.5mile Parkrun and a 4miler up hill. She did have a little moany few minutes but that just made me giggle and her too. She did her first 4 miles in 45minutes. I did have to push her to get there but she did it and I was very proud! She’s signed up for the Women’s Running 10k in May with me which is great! She’s already hitting 4 miles so she’ll be well and truly ready by then.

Although now she’s got the running bug. We went for a pretty chilled run around our local park in the freezing cold, armed with hats, gloves and warm fleece jackets. It was a good day for a run but in true character, my little sister persisted to ask how far we’d run for the whole 3miles. When I told her how far it was, she was disappointed. She’s slightly impatient when it comes to…well…life which is a funny characteristic. I had to keep telling her that dragging her bottom out of bed on a Saturday after a rugby international match where various bottles of Zinfandel had been consumed was pretty admirable.

As you can see… We’d had a few…


We were feeling pretty spritely considering… Apart from I was suffering hideously with my sinuses… My nose was running faster than I was which is not incredibly helpful. It took 1 banana & peanut butter smoothie, 1/2 a toilet roll, 2 cold and flu tablets and 3 tantrums before I was feeling any better. But hey, I did it.

So in essence, the running is going pretty well. I’ve got myself registered for the 5k Colour Run, Women’s Running 10k, Cardiff 10k and Cardiff Half too 🙂 I’ve also joined Virtual Running UK and their Run Blog Hop which is cool! Getting back in the proverbial running swing of things which is ideal.

All that’s left is to make sure is that my little sister doesn’t get too carried away and hurt herself or this sister will be doing the running by herself.


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