Valentine’s Ode to Running: Pt 2

Well, what a weekend. My declaration of love for running has got me all of a flutter. As has doing Parkrun and then a cheeky 6miler yesterday. But doing the routes I love with the people I love? Pretty. Bloody. Awesome.

Valentine’s Day started out with a lovely card, being mocked incessantly and having the most allergic face anyone could wish to have. The curse of Allergic Rhinitis struck on the day of the year I wanted to look and feel my best… As well as seeing without looking all puffy eyed and squinty.

After fumbling about trying to get dressed and establish whether my running gear would in fact all match, I hopped in the car and drove to meet my sister (Probably not a wise move seeing as the squintiness and watery-eyes were in full effect). I do love the cold, purely because it feels really refreshing when you have squiffy allergy eyes (or as my lovely other half describes them ‘bonk eyes’!) and is great for running in.

We rocked up to Parkrun, full of enthusiasm and me, full of antihistamines. There was a considerable crowd of people, as always ready and raring to get their Saturday PBs. No romance present here, just a full-blown love for running and competition.

We started at a good pace and kept it going throughout. My sister was a little bit out of puff but she did a cracking job! And she beat her PB.. Go Sian!


The rest of Valentine’s Day was spent with the hubs, hunting down the strongest allergy tablets and more excitingly, finding new kicks! Who knew that trainer shopping could be so awesome? He had his gait measured & ended up getting a pair of Nike Lunarglide 6s… The boy version of mine.. Unintentional but they are, in my opinion, the best shoes I’ve had. And he now thinks the same!

So, one excited boy and 24hrs later, we set off for a run. We took to the streets in the cold, properly kitted out to see how far we could get before we turned into snowmen! We chose to do a cheeky run while half of Cardiff were snuggly indoors watching the Six Nations Rugby so it was completely quiet on the roads and streets. Apart from other opportunistic runners in their day-glo cashing in on the quiet.

The route is always lovely and scenic but we always forget that I live on a hill. So what goes down must slowly come back up again. The gently inclines all the way home were a slight killer, though getting slowly easier. The big finale was a pretty bloody big hill just before home. We had the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and puffed our way up it. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing worse than realising after all that hard work, that you’re 0.05 away from completing a full mile. So I kept going until it got there. I’m that pedantic. 6.02 miles later, I was done… Out of puff and as pink as my neon jacket.


It’s weird, isn’t it, how much we runners put ourselves through just to feel a little bit smug? Definitely worth it though. The rest of the night consisted of vast amounts of homemade food (created by us) and a foam roller. Oh.Dear.God… Worse than the run. Having House of Cards on in the background did help a bit… As did lying flat out on the sofa with the hubs I love a little bit…Another past time I declare my affection for.



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Ode to Running: Pt 2

  1. Sorry about your allergy attack on Valentine’s Day, that’s a drag. But well done you for going to parkrun despite it all, and for running on antihistamines! I’m not sure I could do that, haha. Sounds like a lovely weekend regardless! x

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