Lent me eat pancakes!

Pardon the awful puns once more. Did anyone else get really excited and overwhelmed as to how quickly Pancake Day came around? One painful evening, I was battling through two hours of Zumba/Zumba Tone, the next, there was pancakes! (Please note: Doing the classes on Monday gave me the gift of not only waddling like John Wayne, but meant I could enjoy my pancakes, guilt-free)

My lovely sister, rewarded me for taking her on soggy, 5k Parkruns by making awesome pancakes for me and the fam. Look how yummy… She’s a good egg.


And sadly, as we wave goodbye to Pancake Day for another year, now comes Lent. Admittedly I’m not a religious person, but I like the idea and story behind it. To me, it’s more about testing my willpower and making sure that I don’t overindulge in items that aren’t essential to my existence… Sweets and anything chocolatey/covered in chocolate.

I think I have a problem. My sugar addiction gets ridiculously out of control this time every year. This isn’t bad planning as when Lent comes around, I feel so sick I don’t want to see another pot of Pick’n’Mix.

40 days without these items means I’ll have to find replacements. My top ideas so far to curb the cravings include:

1. Popcorn (Light and fluffy but with less bad stuff…And something I can mindlessly nibble while watching bad TV)

2. Fruit (It doesn’t quite do it but something like grapes or strawberries helps with distracting my brain from not having goodies)

3. Dried fruit (hmm…Again, it’s not very satisfying for my taste buds)

As you can see, my list is extensive. Although I am finding, after doing lots of exercise and eating later in the night, I’m so full, I don’t need anything else. It’s just remembering I can’t give in to temptation and have these things.

If anyone has any suggestions of yummy items that I can nibble at for the next 40 days, I’m all ears and tummy rumbles. On the plus, not having these things should get me into a routine and hopefully stop my unnecessary cravings for good right? I assume my science is about right?

Ah well, guess I’ll just have to stock up on popcorn, and distract myself with exercise and holiday thoughts of me looking better in a bikini… March holiday here I come!!


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