Soggy Sunday Runday


Happy Sunday folks! Has everyone had a good weekend of running? I hope so. Mine has been pretty good but pretty soggy.

Although there was no Parkrun on Saturday (due to sisterly wedding plans & cosy beds), it was worth waiting until today to rejoin the running club and take my sis with me!

It was great seeing everyone again, despite the cold & rainy conditions. I think Sian was slightly terrified of coming to the club but everyone welcomed her & were glad to see her!

We set off on our usual route along the river, going at a good pace and having a chat on the way. We had a chat to the running coach about Sian’s aims which was exciting. She told him I’d inspired her to run.. Couldn’t really hide my chuffed face very well!

We carried on along the route, looping and coming back to where we started. I made a point of not telling my sis how far she’d gone. She was pretty ecstatic when she found out she’d run 5miles.. Her longest ever run!

So pleased for her! Plus, it was a good run for me too. It did however end with Subway, a cuppa & Cody slipper socks.


Dinner’s on the cards now… We’ve been looking forward to it all day. Just have to dodge the continuing rain…!


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