Half way to a Half!

Happy Tuesday fellow blog buddies! I hope you all had great weekends with a few epic runs chucked strategically in. My sign up to the Swansea Half became an official thing this weekend as I’ve been given my training programme…

Saturday kicked off in the usual fashion, heading out to Parkrun with my little sis, my friend Nic and her friend Rachel. We seem to be getting a crowd together which is pretty awesome… More excuses for gossiping on route!

Now, anyone who knows me knows I love my outrageous running attire. The more noticeable the better. Think I might be addicted to buying stuff. This weekend however, my lovely work gave me one of their brand swanky new running vests. A way of getting the charity’s name out there and another fabulous item to add to the repertoire. I’ll definitely be sporting this for the Swansea Half in June.


So our Parkrun 5k was pretty good. The weather was so good, sun shining on us and my sis complaining it was too warm. Think she prefers rain running. I was pacing the ladies and they ramped up the energy this week, getting another PB. I’m like a proud Mumma. We weren’t impressed by one of the arrogant runners up front who’d done his lap and insisted on shouting abuse to fellow runners telling them to get out of the way. Surely that’s not particularly polite? In true sisterly fashion, we decided to mock him incessantly… As you do.

The rest of the day led onto trying to book a last minute holiday in the sun, trying to run ideas past my other half who was working and eventually finding something awesome. It also saw me having a catch up with some of my lovely friends which is always a winner. The food was pretty good too. If you’re ever in Cardiff, Cosy Club does yummy Tapas.


Sunday followed on with meeting up with the Maindy Running Club and deciding to do a little bit of a longer run. The past few sessions, I’ve run with my sis and done 4-5miles but I wanted to ramp it up to a 6miler. I’ve missed running the longer distances.

After an inspirational and somewhat motivational talk from running coach Wayne, we set off in the rain and wind to reach our goals for the day. I ran with my sis for a bit and it was really nice. She was picking up the pace and seemed to be enjoying herself. We got to the 4mile mark and I went on to do my 6miles. Sian was quite happy with the guys who looked after her and made her laugh the whole way back to the start.

Running on my own for the first time in a while was pretty liberating. I went at my own pace, took in what was passing me and enjoyed my own company. I kept seeing members of the club passing me by and we cheered each other on (because we’re pretty good at that) but I did feel a bit of competition to make sure I wasn’t the last back to base. I ran quicker than I usually do and managed to do 6.2miles in 59minutes. Not too bad considering my starter miles were 10.15-20 jobs. I ended up with a pretty good time per mile


I felt well and truly knackered when I got back but I think that helps? I just needed to push myself further than normal and I succeeded. Seeing as my time for the Cardiff 10k last year was 55mins, I think I might be able to do it that little bit quicker this year. It’s exciting when that happens isn’t it? To see the progress you’re making? Happy days. On getting back, we got our training plans from Wayne. My little sis is not only doing the 10k in May, she’s now doing the Cardiff Half in October (we think). Which is pretty bloody amazing.


I got my plan for the Swansea Half in June and will need to see him again after that for my Cardiff Half agenda. It’s looking pretty sweet. I get to do my shorter run with my sis at Parkrun, my longer Sunday run with her for a little bit and then I go on and another run in the week which is a 5-6miler with either the club or my other half. I’m so lucky the choices I have!

I’m really excited about June and getting back into the racing circuit. A few of the guys from the club are doing Swansea so it should be a pretty good day. So with my 6.2miles in the bag, just a case of ramping up bit by bit… I should be happy really. I’m half way to my half woop!


9 thoughts on “Half way to a Half!

    1. It’s glorious here, perfect weather for a run really (Newport :))
      Recovering from mild injury so heart is willing but head seems to be stopping me all the time. Will get out before the weekend as itching to get back on it!


    2. I did it…I got out there and have defeated my demons and run 7k 🙂
      Plus, put an order in for some new and outrageous running tights!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Legs felt like lead and it was a slow one but glad to be back out and running!
        Are you on Twitter? Think I found you there this evening – it’s my more normal stomping ground.


  1. I am totally with you on outrageous running attire! The brighter and more ridiculous the better, for me 🙂 Well done on your long run too! That’s an amazing time for 6.2 miles, especially like you said with a slower start! Awesome! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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