And I’m back in the game!

IMG_4259So, my two weeks of silence has come to an end and I’m back in the running game. I’ve been catching up on all the great blogs I follow and am feeling immediately guilty about my lack of training. But everyone needs a physical and mental break right?

What have I been doing? Well, taking some time out in Gran Canaria with my lovely other half really helped to chill me out. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t sit down and not faff for two minutes at a time so a week away from the web, work and wifi was tricky but amazing. As soon as we got to our hotel, we clocked that we had to pay for internet access… We decided that attacking the All Inclusive food was more important, sitting by the pool was preferable and walking a decent 10miles over 2 days was a good relaxion (relaxing distraction)

A running joke for the week was my inability to stay awake for an extended amount of time. I fell asleep on the plane over, the coach to the hotel, every time I sat down to read, every time I sat down and most times after we ate. Poor old Karlos! He did finish attacking 2 books by the time I could finally stay awake long enough for conversation. Clearly all the running, Zumba, working and general stress over 6 months made me one sleepy individual!

IMG_4246[1]Isn’t it amazing what sun, sea, sand and stars can do to chill you out? For me, relaxing is really hard because of my excessive anxiety. But I didn’t do too badly. Karlos was really good in making sure I wasn’t stressing or worrying about anything which was so helpful. It’s good to have someone chilled to counteract my anxiety.

I did miss running but it was nice to let all my muscles relax, heal and make sure I was top of my game getting back. After getting back on Monday, Karlos and I was dying to go for a run to work off some of the holiday food and drinks. We went for an early evening run, taking in a few hills and twisting local roads. This is when I discovered that I was pretty de-hydrated. My body just didn’t want to go. We managed a 2.5mile effort before walking back.

Later in the week, I re-joined my Zumba ladies for a killer 2-hour session of full on cardio and weight training. It was safe to say I was exhausted. Having a week off from exercise is great but it’s hard getting back in the swing again afterwards.

IMG_4315After a few days of aching, we threw ourselves back into the Cardiff Parkrun. Please note: I’m very proud of my outrageous running bottoms (on the left) which received many a comment on the run!

A 5k run along the river at 9am was quite enjoyable. With my sister and Karlos (his first Parkrun) we managed to do a good time of  just over 30mins. We were all pretty worn out but we pushed ourselves which was the main thing. My little sis is doing really well and is getting ready for her first 10k in May. Very proud of how she’s getting on.

After we got back, Karlos and I did an hour of press ups, lunges, squats, sit-ups and general muscle aching activities. We were on the floor by the end of it, complaining about how old we felt. I was defeated.

IMG_4318I also realised it’s 12 weeks until the Swansea Half Marathon. Let the hardcore training begin. I’m looking forward to this one and want to see how my weight training has improved my lazy bottom. Let’s hope it’s back in the game just as much as I am.

Do you find it tricky coming back from time off to training? What are your top tips?


4 thoughts on “And I’m back in the game!

  1. That sounds like a lovely trip! And definitely sounds like you needed all that sleep! Ah, two weeks away sounds lovely. 🙂 I guess my top tip would be ease back in to your training, don’t just try to jump back where you were beforehand. Two weeks isn’t very long, but still. Easy does it 🙂

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      1. Oh I definitely understand… it’s so hard to be patient! 🙂 I’m doing well at the moment… fingers crossed I stay niggle-free for a while!


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