Eggcellent Easter Run! 

It needed to be done. As a lover of a good pun, it’s that cracking time of year where I can make them & be egg-stremely annoying about it! 

I hope you’ve all had an ep-egg Easter Bank Holiday with plenty of running and chocolate on the cards. My sis and I gave up chocolate for Lent & managed to get through the time unscathed. That meant lots of family shelling out for chocolate egg treats for us. It also meant a trip to a new dessert & pudding restaurant, Kaspas, on Good Friday to gorge ourselves. I was obviously egg-static to get the below waffle & white chocolate in front of me. 

Definitely needed Parkrun on Saturday to run off the calories. It was a grey day but a good one for running. Siam & I set out on the usual 5k route and did a pretty good time of 30:33 which we were happy with. Not bad after the gorge-fest the day before. We felt pretty worn out but that’s what time trials are like aren’t they? 

Later in the day saw wedding invite making & carrying out Maid of Honour duties which is hugely egg-citing! It was also a year since I met my lovely other half in a bar (when I accidentally left my drinks on it because I was too busy gawping at him!) Odd-bligatory selfie naturally! 

After eating a little bit of chocolate again, I’ve had various few headaches which have been unbearable but running has helped to calm them down a bit. 

Easter Sunday saw myself, my other half & my sis joining the running club for a sunny & fun-filled run up the Taff Trail near the river. It was lovely to see everyone, catch up & take some pics. They’re a fab bunch. My sis & Karl did really well, reaching a 10k! I shot off to take some pics of the other guys, which was fun. 

Everyone loves a good catchup & run! I ended up running just over 7miles with this bunch! It felt good building up the distance again ready for 11weeks time & running the Swansea Half. 

It was a great morning & everyone did really well. We then decided, seeing as we’d gotten our new shirts, a photo was in order. As a club, we do bask in the glory of a good selfie! As you can tell… 

We were all pretty worn out but we’d worked hard. Think I did 7.2 miles in 1hr 8mins, and burned a lovely 830 calories. Subway and a roast followed but we deserved it! Then I discovered after buying half the healthy fruit/salad aisle in the supermarket, I could create a smoothie. Looks grim, tastes green… Maybe I should stick to the chocolate eggs?! 


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