Oops I Did It Again…

From the Britney inspired title, you can only assume one thing… My addiction to race entering has continued. And as every runner knows, it’s serious.

CB sign up

I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t seem to let races go by without entering them.

It’s now become a laughing matter among friends and family and I’m always met with the same response, ‘Oh no, what have you entered now?’. I do like this…It’s part of the addiction.

So up until October 2015, this is what I’ve entered (so far):

Ty Hafan Rainbow Run 2015 – Saturday 18th April (Involves dressing up in neon and white clothing and having volunteers throw coloured paint at you… I obviously can’t wait!)

Tenovus Cancer Care 10k – Sunday 19th April (Taking place in the beautiful Botanic Gardens of Wales in Carmarthen – Accidentally taking part in this… I’m volunteering but also running it.. Why not eh? Plus, I’m using this as my Virtual Running event)

Cardiff Bay 5-Miler – Monday 4th May 2015 (An amazing run along the Barrage, taking in scenery and a pre-practice of some of the Cardiff Half Marathon route)

Women’s Running 10k – Sunday 31st May 2015 (My little sister’s first competitive running event which should be really fun)

Swansea Half Marathon – Sunday 15th June 2015 (The summertime biggie. Looking forward to this flat and pretty race)

Cardiff 10k – Sunday 6th September 2015 (One that I like doing but want to beat my 55min PB in!)

Cardiff Half Marathon – Sunday 4th October 2015 (Loved this last year so reliving it again and as always, trying to beat the old PB)

As well as taking part in the old Parkrun event every Saturday and running club runs on a Sunday every week, it should be a summer of running. Fuelling my addiction quite nicely.

I did have a knee-niggle on Saturday as I was doing our local 5k Parkrun. We kicked off in the usual way, darting in & out of runners, almost doing interval training as we sprinted to overtake then slowed into comfortable space. Also, got snapped checking the old timings by a photographer…Oops!

Cardiff Park Run 378 - 11th April 2015. © _NiallS@flickr.com 2015.
Cardiff Park Run 378 – 11th April 2015. © _NiallS@flickr.com 2015.

It was going lovely for about 2.6miles then I got the twinge. Right on the inside of my knee. It felt like something was digging into it. It wasn’t anything at first but then it was really uncomfortable. I had to stop, stretch & try again. But the same thing happened. It was fine to walk on, to climb inclines & steps but to run, it didn’t like it.

I was of course gutted & was pretty defeated. I went home & sat with the obligatory bag of frozen peas on it which made it feel better. My other half sat & dutifully held the bag in place while I sulked. The grown up approach I know. I eventually got over my sulk & shopped for insanely bright attire for the 5k colour run on Saturday (the first item on the addiction list) and signed up for the Cardiff Bay 5miler. What can I say? Having lots of running goals makes me feel better.

For now, I’ve got seven events that I’m looking forward to… But that’s not to say there won’t be any more. My addiction lets me try new things, see new places and experience the adrenaline of running in front of crowds, which most definitely helps the old anxiety gremlin.

So ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the possibility of another ‘Oops I Did It Again’ and forgive me in advance.


9 thoughts on “Oops I Did It Again…

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a race addiction! 🙂 I would scour coolrunning and other race sites and send huge lists to my running buddy so we could pick and choose what we wanted to do. This year I’m trying to tone it down a little – races cost so much when you add it all up! – but it’s been hard to suppress the urge! I love your outfit in that parkrun photo… so very pink and bright!

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    1. Definitely not just you! Really? Was that your go-to site? Do you still do your runs with your buddy? They do add up lol! Haha thank you 🙂 joining a new running club & they know me because of my running trousers!


      1. My go-to race-finding sites are coolrunning.com, active.com, and runningintheusa.com. My running buddy actually moved to Ireland around Christmas so I haven’t done any races or training runs with him in a few months 😦 Those trousers are a good thing to be known for! 😉


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