Inspirational: London Marathon 2015 

I’m just going to start by saying wow. What a day, what an event and who knew 38,000 inspirational people could all be in one place at one time? 

It just blew my little running mind.

I volunteered through work to go down to London and help to cheer on our 25 amazing runners who were raising money for us. They’ve all been training for months, been fundraising like crazy and finally got to show what they could do today. I was really nervous for them! 

We set up our Cheer Points and made sure we were all set for the start of the race.   

These guys were in full cheer mode as the wheelchair race started. We were so inspired by these amazing athletes, powering past us at mile 13. We were cheering like nutters willing them yo go on. 

Then came the athletes with disabilities and these guys were absolutely inspirational. No other words for it. There were a dozen blind runners with guides and we were in awe of how amazing they were. 

Then came the elites; men and women who were clearly superhuman, completing a half marathon in 59minutes! We saw GB’s very own Paula Radcliffe in her last ever London Marathon, as well as local celebs, Greg James from BBC Radio 1 and One Show presenter, Chris Evans. 
I was hawk eyed looking for my cousin who’s a definite running hero. I managed to spot her so yelled pretty loudly at her. I got a wave and was well chuffed she’d seen me! 

After that, our charity runners were coming through and doing us proud. One of our runners and ex-colleague Ruth did so so well and was so emotional when she got to us at Mile 23 that her lovely boyfriend walked with her to the finish line. Me and my colleague Jo stayed until the bitter end to cheer on those guys who really needed it at the back. We felt like we needed to cheer them on to the finish and support them. These guys were amazing and despite the pain, they were still smiling and still going. 

The day’s been a long one and an emotional one for so many people. If you did the Marathon today, the biggest well done. You beat the odds, ran the distance and inspired so many along the way. 

Watch out London Marathon 2016… I’m coming to get you.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational: London Marathon 2015 

  1. My first London marathon experience was as a spectator back in 2009 and it was so inspiring! Running it is the most amazing experience but just being anywhere on the route is brilliant too and you just reminded me of that 🙂

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