The heat is on…

It’s been a busy 2 weeks in the world of Redfaced running and only now am I getting my chance to update! I hope it’s been a great fortnight for my lovely followers too. So many great things have been achieved just from reading your awesome blogs so a big well done!

It suddenly dawned on me that it’s just 4 weeks to go until the Swansea Half Marathon so the training has been ramped up and the heat is definitely on!

So, last weekend was a Bank Holiday here in sunny Britain and the usual misfortune is pretty awful weather followed by even more awful weather. As it stands, it wasn’t all bad. My other half and I rocked up to Parkrun after much deliberation about actually getting out of bed. We speedily got ready and arrived just in time. Then it was payback. I got him out of his comfy space before 9am on a Saturday so he made me run like the clappers the whole way around the 5k course. We were pretty much interval training, the amount of dodging in and out we were doing. When we were done, we finished in close to 27minutes.. I was worn out, he was smug, everyone’s a winner!

The following day, aching a little from the day before, I trekked out with my running club to do a 5 miler, just to keep up the mileage and the momentum of the weekend. We did pretty well and had a catch up chat on the way around. I always tend to forget about the distance and the time when I’ve got friendly folk to distract me. It’s a really nice feeling. The distance was pretty short due to me entering a 5mile circuit race the next day.

Bank Holiday Monday turned out to be a really lovely day, sunny with a slight breeze which brought out nearly 2,000 runners to the course. The race did a circuit around Cardiff Bay and brought even back past some really great landmarks. It’s a really nice one to do and one I’ll be doing again no doubt.

IMG_3109As you can see, where I live is really pretty and was definitely a great place to run a 5 miler in the sun. It was brilliant seeing so many people taking part, many in fancy dress, many in Star Wars attire (as an irate gentleman in the toilet queue pointed out, it was May 4th and how were we not observing this?!)

People were out enjoying the sun, coming to cheer on their friends and relatives in the race and generally getting involved in the atmosphere.

I joined forces with some of the Maindy Running Club guys and in true enthusiastic fashion, we got there particularly early. I did do a bit of a rookie error… I decided to take an energy gel with me to have before the race. I think I took it a little too early beforehand and ended up with questionable palpitations from the sugar rush. There was a lot of bouncing up and down and talking faster than normal that occurred. So I was even more hyped when we got to the start line.

IMG_3056These guys were all prepped and ready to go. It was nice to see everyone beforehand and even throughout the race. We were cheering each other on as we went past. I did attempt to take photos on the move but apparently I’m not that great at it. I didn’t think carrying a selfie stick would’ve gone down too well with other runners and it most definitely wouldn’t have fitted in my sports bra for me to carry.

The race started and the elite guys did their thing.. As in we get halfway through mile 2 and they’re on their way back… Standard practice. One of the guys did ponder, ‘It seems the quicker you are, the less clothes you wear. Is that a rule?!’ I’d have to agree. I guess there’s less resistance? I’m not particularly stream-lined anyway so even if I was wearing a wetsuit, I wouldn’t go any quicker.

I decided to go with the one-headphone of rock music approach, just so I could keep one ear on what was going on. It was a good thing I did as I saw a lady from my second running club and we had a nice little chat. Someone on the sidelines said we weren’t running fast enough and she replied ‘She’s part of our club.. A newbie!’ to which the guy started shouting ‘Go on newbie!’, quite amusing but nice too.

IMG_3065As I started to see that we were on our way back, I picked up the pace. I always do this and I’m sure not whether it’s a good or bad thing. I pretty much sprinted to the end, past the crowd who were lined along the finish and picked up my medal. It was a lovely atmosphere and I enjoyed doing it. It’s funny how, when you get in the right mind space, you can push yourself pretty far. Halfway around, I got the brain slump but managed to talk myself positively back into the race. I think I’ll need to be careful about my plummeting brain wanderings running up to Swansea. I don’t want any negative downers on the way around.

The weekend just gone saw another more relaxed Parkrun and a not-so-relaxed and full on 8.5miles. I’m wanting to build the distance now so it won’t be a shock once Swansea race-day arrives. It was a good run but I do need to find the right energy boost for me. Did go home, whinge about my achiness, was made to walk around town then up 7 flights of stairs in the car park and then do a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ run around Morrisons 10minutes before it closed because Mum had forgotten she needed carrots. My foam rolling session was much needed last night!

IMG_3066Even though there are 4 weeks to go until the big race, there will be a couple more runs with these lovely ladies before that. I’m really glad I have people around me who like to run. My other half is doing Swansea with me and I think that will help a lot. He’s quite competitive so I can’t imagine he’ll be sticking with me once he sees the finish line but I guess that’s even more incentive for me, right?



2 thoughts on “The heat is on…

  1. I do the same thing where once I know I’m heading toward the finish I start to go faster! I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing either. I never want to go out too fast and burn out, but having so much push left at the end means I had too much left in my tank, as some would put it. I like to think of it as I’m just mentally strong at the end of my workouts and able to push myself 😉


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