Are all us fitness bloggers narcissists…?

Hands up if you think you’re a narcissist. A strange thing to ask right? I immediately said no.

Ok now, hands up if you know a narcissist. I immediately thought of someone I know who comes under that title.

Here comes the spanner in the works… Now hands up if you post your running/fitness achievements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? I do.

Welcome to the world of the modern narcissist.

According to a study carried out by Brunel University in London, ‘Facebook users who bang on about fitness are wrong in the head’ which in turn must make you a narcissist, right? Does that make all us bloggers self-righteous narcissists? Is it a bad thing?
For those who aren’t too au fait with what a narcissist is, it’s someone with an ‘excessive interest in or admiration of themselves [Source]‘. Now, I wouldn’t say I have an excessive admiration of myself…But then a psychologist would analyse this past sentence and tell me all I’ve talked about is me. It’s tricky.

Here are some reasons for posting achievements on social media, and indeed blogging about them:

  1. There’s something out of the ordinary you’ve done and want to shout about it
  2. There’s is a sense of self-betterment once you’ve told the world about your achievement (and those who deny feeling that are fibbing to themselves)
  3. There is a slight sense of competition with others but what’s life without healthy competition?
  4. There’s something in connecting with people and sharing your experiences with each other

Also, I’m aware that narcissism is clearly being portrayed as a bad thing. Is it really? Is it really so bad that people who are doing stuff in the world want to shout about it? In this world, you don’t get anywhere without raising your voice a little. Celebrities are a classic example.

If being proud of what I’ve achieved is narcissistic then so be it. If the odd selfie and post about family and friends is so bad, sue me. If posting about progress in run training is self centred, surely I’m allowed that little indulgence? Plus, setting my mind on running a marathon will mean people need to see how serious I am about it.

Am I sorry? Nope.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting your achievements, ideas and thoughts out there and discuss them with others. Same as I don’t think there’s anything wrong in posting my 11mile run on social media for everyone to see. In my mind, running seems to be something I’m pretty good at and want to tell everyone about. Whether they want to hear about it or not.

If you’re on social media, there’s a little bit of narcissism in you. Be proud!

So, hello friends, welcome to the world of narcissistic selfies and self-involved posting. We can all bask in the knowledge that we’re all in this together and loving every minute.



One thought on “Are all us fitness bloggers narcissists…?

  1. A good question and I agree with you – whether posting about fitness or what we had for breakfast, social media invites the narcissist in all of us. Not necessarily a bad thing in moderation and a great way to start a discussion.

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