It’s the Final Countdown….

So, the week before the Swansea Half Marathon has arrived! This time next week, I will have accomplished my third half marathon….And won’t be able to walk. Sounds funny to say it!

Completed two short runs this weekend which was quite refreshing, having done my long runs on my own in the past few weeks, I finally got to re-join the running society. I took part (correctly!) in Parkrun, having a nice chat with some fellow club runners along the way. There seemed to be mass confusion at the end of the course with logging times and the queuing system but it all seemed to be fine.

The day led on to veil shopping with my little sis who’s getting married. Exciting but lots to do! After a chill out with pizza and Game of Thrones, that evening saw a pretty heavy sleep ensue. I don’t normally have these so was great to wake up on Sunday, ready to go on my last mid-length run.

11403379_971769872874870_3959076336003850649_nManaged to have some breakfast and went to meet the running club. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been but it was nice to be back with them. Great to see our two Edinburgh Marathon runners back with us and re-telling their experiences. They did a brilliant job and it’s so great to see two first timers do so great! They both said they were told things about the course that, in the end, weren’t quite right. But they enjoyed it regardless. I was questioning because I’m debating whether to keep my options open and apply for this one as well as London to give me more of a chance of being able to do one next year!

The run was a nice one, down along the river in the sunshine. Did feel a little niggle in one of my muscles but after some foam rolling, it seems to have subsided. We did a nice 10k which rounded off the training quite nicely.

I’ve done a cheeky Zumba session and am planning on a leisurely 5k just to keep the fitness going. Definitely would be good to get some yoga stretches in too. I’m really bad at doing the right thing so I’m going to try hard to make sure I don’t go exercise mad in the lead up.

Really looking forward to running the course and can’t wait to run somewhere new. I have however started having Half Marathon related nightmares! I dreamt that I missed it altogether after all of the months of training. I think there’s a lot to be said for having cheese before bed….

That reminds me, I need to update the old inspirational running playlist… Maybe include a little bit of Europe or Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’… Or something less cheesy.

Any last minute little hints or tips? Have you got a Half coming up?


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