In Knee-d of help

Taken from Pinterest
Taken from Pinterest

Hi fellow followers! My sincere apologies for the lax nature of my posting these past few weeks. I’ve been actively sulking (one activity that doesn’t hurt my knees!)

The Swansea Half came and went as did a Disneyland Paris Hen Do, plenty of high intensity Zumba/tone classes and the attempt to get back into the running.

What didn’t come and go was the pain in the old knee and hips.

Earlier this year, I blogged about my lazy bottom and how it was affecting the way I ran and the level of endurance I have during a half marathon. Well, it’s safe to say that after Swansea, I had a hard time walking. And after I experienced THE most agonising sports massage yet, it didn’t really improve. Mind you, sitting on a coach to Paris for 12 hours did little to improve it.

I’ve been doing plenty of Zumba, a high intensity cardio busting hour of madness with an awesome instructor, followed by an equally painful hour of Total Body Tone. There are plenty of lunges, squats and core work to help with my running pain situation. However, my left knee really doesn’t like lunges or the plank?!  Squats it can deal with though. I can tailor what I do which is great to help strengthen my weak areas.

But here’s the catch… the Zumba isn’t helping my knees. Because of the wonky way I land thanks to my weak hips, the pain has now progressed to both knees. Not ideal.

I did an interval run 2 weeks ago with my other half. It was great to get out and pound the pavements again. Despite the torrential rain and thunder! My knees felt a little bit dodgy but all ok. I took it easy just to test the waters… Pardon the pun. I’m so determined to sort the problem after entering the London Marathon. I don’t want to get halfway through it and have pain.

So, as I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline, my local running club had posted about a study being undertaken by Cardiff University. It was to see how wearing insoles and doing hip strengthening can improve the way you run, walk and how it improves your balance. I applied and was successful so went along for the assessments.

I thought it would be a whole load of running on a treadmill and the guy telling me I had a wonky bottom, strange toes and funny knees. To the contrary. He made me do one leg squats to test posture and how I used my feet to balance. He said that my knees tend to compensate for my hips when I’m trying to balance or when I run, hence why I get pain in both areas. I also let him know that I can’t bend my big toes (very weird) and he was very interested by this… There was a name for it but I was far too busy trying not to giggle when he was poking my feet.

I’ve been given 16 weeks of hip strengthening exercises as well as some insoles to help with my overpronation and funny walking. I have to do 3 lots of the exercises a week. I’m into my third week of these and am getting on alright with them. My hips ache afterwards so I must be doing something right. I’m going to lay off the crazy 4hours of Zumba a week as I think this isn’t helping my Runners Knees (what the guy at Cardiff University said I had). I’m going to give swimming a bash as well as more gym strengthening work. Maybe laying off the Zumba will help but for now I’m sulking because it’s something I enjoy! As well as the running.

I really hope these exercises  have an effect.

Has anyone else experienced the old Runners Knee problem? What did you do to sort it out? Are there any really good exercises/cardio you would recommend?


10 thoughts on “In Knee-d of help

  1. Noooo not Runner’s Knee! 😦 So many people I know have that right now (including me!) That’s great that you got into the study at Cardiff Uni, I’m sure the exercises they gave you will help. I’ve been doing physical therapy for a few weeks for mine and the exercises they gave me are basically and I think we should start a support group for runners with wonky bottoms, strange toes, and funny knees… that sums me up, too! 🙂 I hope your knees start behaving themselves soon!


    1. I know right?! How annoying is it? I remember reading you had similar niggles. I hope the exercises help. They make me ache so must be good :p oh wow, thanks for sharing! I’ll give some of this a go 🙂 I definitely agree! Only allowed in the group of you’re wonky lol!


    1. Hi Pippa! I’m so glad my sad bottom has inspired many 😛 Oh wow do you? There’s a definite pattern with female runners and lazy behinds! What sort of exercises do you do for yours? Well done on heading out to train by the way!


      1. Yeah after leaving that comment I totally tanked at the office. I was so sleepy. In my defence I ran to work, so I was okay with taking a rest evening. But Tonight!! Tonight the glutes must be trained. I’ll be doing a variety of squats, lunges and maybe even the stairmaster at the gym.


      2. I think it works, it definitely makes me feel like a badass girl who lifts which does wonders for the self esteem! I had some problems with my vastus lateratis (totally had to google that lol, its the side of the thigh next to the IT band) and i think lunges and squats and all that jazz have definitely helped! I also think it should help my bum stability 🙂

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  2. I too have a naughty bottom, and supertight hips, dodgy feet, none controllable toes, collapsy knees … What makes me think I can run is beyond me … But it’s such good fun!!!

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