Knee deep in running sorrow…

Over the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with knee pain. I’ve whinged about it to all you guys (sorry!) but today has taken its toll. 

This is how things currently are… I’m knee deep in feeling sorry for myself. 

I haven’t been on a proper run in weeks, just doing Zumba, swimming, spin class & walking… Anything to distract from my dicky knee. I was told by the guys doing the hip/knee study that I should attempt a run & see how it feels after six weeks of doing the exercises I’ve been given. 

Some of the running club were doing a beer run tonight (a gentle jog to a local pub, having a swift half to celebrate a birthday & a jog back). 

I thought I’d go along because I’m missing the guys & thought I might be able to gauge how my knee was on a gentle run. As you can see, I was in two minds….  
But I met the girls & we set off. I used kinesiology tape on my left knee (the one that tends to give me jip) but didn’t on the right. As we were getting nearer the pub, my right knee started to play up. It felt as though I had something sharp jabbing me on the inside of it. I got to a stage where I could only lift it so far before it would seize & hurt. Luckily, we’d reached the pub by then…  

As we were chatting, I kept trying to massage it but it didn’t feel any better. The guys were lovely & suggested we have a brisk walk back to the cars just in case I hurt it more. 

To say I’m disappointed & frustrated is an understatement. I hobbled initial the house & my lovely other half made sure I had ice on it & helped me to take my trainers off (brave boy!) as I couldn’t rotate my right knee to do it.  

I don’t know what to do because I’m not sure if a GP/Doctor can help in any way? 

Does anyone have any advice? Or if I do go, what should I ask them to do? Anything you guys can tell me would be awesome. Just want to get back out running again šŸ™‚ 


16 thoughts on “Knee deep in running sorrow…

  1. I’m sure you know a lot about running form already but since your knees hurting you, it makes me wonder if you’re running on your heel? Do you run on the ball of your foot? Running on the ball of your foot should work better. My cross country coach in high school said that using form like that causes our leg muscles to work somewhat like shocks on a bicycle.


  2. I don’t run as much anymore because I’m more into strength and bodybuilding. I do occasionally for my cardio though. With the hip muscles, you may build them up with a body weight, high rep squat program where you go to a parallel to floor position. To make sure you aren’t all over the place, you basically need to point your toes slightly out and make sure your knees stay directly above them. Not inside or outside. I hope this helps you build good, strong stability and flexibility that you can use for your running.

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    1. Thanks for this! I’m currently trying to strengthen my hips with a programme from the local university as part of their study. I’m six weeks in and my knees seem to be worse! I’ll go to see a PT and make sure I’m doing everything right. It’s hard sometimes isn’t it to see yourself if you’re doing things right!

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  3. Injuries are bloody horrible.. But you’re doing the best thing for it! As frustrating as it is.. It will take time and patience for it to get back to normal. Brisk walks and short bursts of jogs will encourage the knees in the right position to not cause uncomfort.. Get yourself to a sports therapist to check you’re running correctly Etc (Agile Therapy in Penylan are awesome) xx

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  4. Maybe go see a physio? I found someone on Zesty, and although you have to cough up for it (i.e. it’s private), one session might be worth it! TBH my doctor’s surgery is a nightmare and it’s really hard to get an appointment, so I just went straight for the direct route! And also I just wanted to say I know how sucky it is to be injured- I’m laid up myself with bad feet. I miss seeing my running club peeps!!

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    1. Do you? Poor you! What have you done? Thank you so much for the advice! I’m thinking that going to a physio and taking the direct route will be better and they know what they’re talking about! I hope your injury feels better soon šŸ™‚

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      1. I find that GPs are only good if you need a referral (for private medical insurance) or you have to go on the NHS which just takes so long. I’ve got plantar fasciitis at the moment plus generic weird foot and leg issues, it’s like my lower legs have just decided to give up entirely!


  5. I’d suggest seeing a physio. Try to find one who either is a runner or works with lots of runners. A good physio should be able to assess the problem by observing how you move in various ways then they can offer a combination of therapies to relieve the issue and build strength to help prevent it recurring. They can also refer you to others who might be able to help eg a personal trainer or podiatrist if necessary. Good luck! I know how frustrating injuries can be, but once you know what’s wrong and, more importantly, how to resolve it, you should feel much better.

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      1. I know what you mean. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to accept there’s an injury and then work out what to do about it.
        Yes, I’m ok thanks. Work busy as usual and a half marathon to run – pretty standard for me lol’

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      2. Amazing stuff! The training’s going well? It’s the season for half marathons! I’m making sure I’m better for the World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff next year šŸ™‚ Are you taking part?


      3. Wow that sounds exciting! It’s not something I’ve looked at before. My training has mostly gone well but with some recent disruptions. The race is Saturday so I’ll just relax and do my best.

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