Much kneeded rest… The verdict

So, my little knees are feeling sorry for themselves today.

Last night, I spoke with my sister who’s a physio (over from Australia and charges $85 for her time usually, so I was lucky) about my knees, the pain and the lack of movement.

She made me crouch down into a ‘crab position’ (which is what she makes her clients do) to test out the movement I had. Turns out, there’s not much. Then she poked and prodded and quickly decided that she thought I might have a Meniscus Tear which is very rubbish indeed. Basically, I’ve damaged the cartilage in my knee. Fail.

Which means, the one thing all runners HATE to hear…. I have to rest. For a week. NO EXERCISE AT ALL.

I’m pretty bummed about it. No walking, swimming, cycling, running, strolling, absolutely no Zumba, no cleaning the house… Just sitting. My other half finds this very amusing as he keeps telling me all the time to just chill out and sit but I can’t.

I’m allowed to start having sessions on the bikes at the gym after a week but no running. So I can do some cardio then as well as the exercises Cardiff Uni have given me. My sister said ignore the reps and just do them until I’m tired. I’ll go with that.

I’ve also been told to take natural anti-inflammatories (but seeing as I’m asthmatic and not allowed to take them) called Inflavonoids. They have them over in Oz but not in the UK. Ordered some off the interweb last night. 2 tablets, 3 times a day for a week and 1 Magnesium tablet… I’ll be rattling! And they say running is good for you!

It’s ok, because the week I’m not allowed to do anything, I’m looking after my friend’s little Mini Yorkshire Terrier Oscar so he’ll no doubt keep me occupied. And then there’s the ridiculous amount of books I have…

Positives, eh?


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