Writing 101: #1 Why I write

Seeing as I’m momentarily retired from running for the time being I thought I’d give the Writing 101/Blogging 101 workshops a go. The first assignment is ‘I write because…’

Here’s why…

I always thought that to be able to write wasn’t a smart thing to do. Being awesome at Maths, Physics, Chemistry or anything that requires interpretation of a numerical kind , that’s what I thought it was to be intelligent. 

But then I realised, it takes a certain type of person to be creative & writing in itself IS an interpretation. How you see the world, how you tell other people about it & how you paint the picture. 

So I write because… I can. 

For years I doubted what I could do, putting it down as a cop-out because I wasn’t logically minded. But not everyone is. Once you get over that, the writing world’s your oyster. 

I write because I’m inspired.

I follow a lot of interesting, well written blogs by amazing people who have a lot to say. Everyone has their specialty & each & every blog I follow/read inspires me to write more. So I want to thank those who I follow for giving such interesting insights into their lives/hobbies. 

I write because it makes me feel better. 

I suffer from pretty bad anxiety & before that depression. It was a struggle but through writing, becoming a runner & writing about becoming a runner, it gives me something to focus on. I used to write poetry to get all the bad feelings out. When my Mum found out & read them she cried. I don’t want my writing to bring anyone to tears. This blog is much more positive. It helps me be positive. 

I write because I like the interaction.

Through writing this blog, I’ve already learned so much from other people & about myself. Sounds deep but true. I like reading blogs & giving people feedback & letting them know I like & appreciate their writing. It’s important for us bloggers. 

I write. 

I love it, it helps me to get my creativity out there & learn from other people. It helps with my anxiety (although I’ll never get away from ‘Do they like it? Am I rambling? Is it all me, me, me?!) 

I write because it’s a love affair with words that’s keeps on going. I can’t stop it, I don’t want to and I’m falling deeper every time I go to do it. I think it’s love. Which is one affair every writer will admit to. 


18 thoughts on “Writing 101: #1 Why I write

  1. This is lovely. I love how you turned your writing into reality. I can say I use to suffer from depression and anxiety, I had it really bad. But now I know how to accomplish it. Blogging is one reason for me to conquor anxiety. I hope you too can conquor yours. And I can not wait to read more of your posts on your blog. You stay blessed and happy blogging 😃!!

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  2. I, too, trip over my own words when speaking. I am more comfortable communicating through the written word. Thanks for liking my post, “The Top Five Things I Like.”


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