Writing 101 #2 10 things I’ve learned

We’re only on Post 2 and I’m feeling so inspired by all those blogs I’ve been reading. This one 

1. People can be trusted

Having suffered from depression & anxiety for a lot of my life, I built up a thought in my head that no one could be trusted. That you should count on yourself so you don’t get hurt. So that you don’t bother anyone else. But actually, people are there to help. If it wasn’t for certain family & friends, I’d still be keeping my head down & keeping quiet. 

2. People are inspiring 

I’ve learned this through my job, working with people who have experienced cancer & are dealing with it every day. Their stories are amazing & their bravery is just..there are no words for it. Even my family & friends are inspirations in their own special ways. It’s incredible how they’re there all the time but you don’t see it. 

3. People can help you to love yourself

Low self esteem comes from being so low to the ground you can’t see a way up. I remember one day during my high school days, when I woke up after feeling really really down, I promised myself I wouldn’t feel that bad again. I started to tell myself positive things & felt better. But then after moving away, being in a very stressful job, and coping with undiagnosed depression, down I went. My friends & some of my family were so open to me talking about it, getting it off my chest and generally having a cry, I was so grateful. They helped like they’ll never know. My sister most of all. She helps me to realise I’m not all bad. 

4. People can teach you so much

Over time, I’ve learned so much from things people have taught me. People can teach you to live, laugh, love and lookout for yourself. Living with someone I met through work was possibly not the greatest experience in life. When someone is full of drama & plenty of confrontation, it’s enough to sky rocket your anxiety. But it taught me how to deal with difficult situations, how to handle myself & how to make sure that I never get myself into something like that again. You live & learn.

5. People come into your life for a reason

Whether they’re there to make it better, worse or just to make their presence known, I’ve learnt they’re there for a reason. Again, experiencing them makes you wiser and helps you embrace or avoid people like them in future. Welcome those who make life awesome, wave goodbye to those who don’t. I’ve learned you should feel as awesome as you can. 

6. People are amazingly brave

Whether it’s bravery on display or something they’re going through, people are brave in their own way. From my sister going into a new career, to my partner thinking about a leap into another one, to my Dad who suffers from PTSD to friends making changes, they’re all so strong. Their bravery gives me the power to be brave too.

7. People care

I used to think they didn’t. I’d go through the self indulgent ‘If I wasn’t here, would they even notice?’ mind games. And that’s just what they are, games. In their own way, people show they care. My Mum might not be so au fait with what’s happened with me mentally, but she does care. It took a long time for me to get my head round that people do it in different ways. 

8. People aren’t something to be envied

I say this now but I’m constantly looking at people and thinking ‘I’d love to look like that’ or ‘I wish I was as good looking as them’ or the many other things we think when we see someone we envy. I’m learning that being envious makes you more insecure and won’t change anything. Just learning to be happy in your own skin. 

9. People are hilarious 

The ability of friends & family to make me laugh is outstanding. They’re all so funny, have a great sense of humour & never cease to have me in hysterics over something pretty odd. 

10. I’m one of these people 

I realised that I am people too. I’m one of them. All of these qualities, are mine too. I’m happy being a people. I’m learning to love & embrace it & so should you guys 🙂 


5 thoughts on “Writing 101 #2 10 things I’ve learned

  1. I am lovin’ you list! Sounds like the adult version of what I posted. 🙂 As for #8…it is true not envy others. Often times things that look great from the outside (when people are trying to be what/who they are not) can be feeling way worse than you on the inside. The grass is not always greener!

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