Writing 101 #3 Wordspiration: Uncertainty

For Day Three, I chose ‘Uncertainty’ as my Wordspiration. I went a bit creative & made it into a poem. It’s about one of my big loves. Running. I’m injured at the moment so this talks about the uncertainty of something I enjoy πŸ™‚  Source 

Life is full of uncertainties,
It’s the only certain thing,

When it all becomes a bit too much,

I go out into the world running.

I whip my willpower into shape,

I programme in my favourite song

I get my Garmin on my wrist 

And get my pink Nike trainers on. 

I step out in the open air

Uncertain of where to go,

I take to the path and take a deep breath

And start my journey slow.

When I get those few miles in

I start to pick up the pace

Uncertainty lingers in the air,

You can see it on my face. 

Still uncertain of where I’m going,

I begin to increase my stride,

My head is filled with happy thoughts, 

Letting me put my worries aside. 

Despite the uncertain weather,

I throw myself into training, 

It takes a bit of a dismal turn,

But I don’t even notice it’s raining. 

I finish up my run

My heart beating out of my chest

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished 

I’ve tried my absolute best. 

Each run I take on is uncertain,

Normally, uncertainty isn’t my thing. 

I do enjoy this element of uncertain

I like to embrace what it brings. 


8 thoughts on “Writing 101 #3 Wordspiration: Uncertainty

  1. I like your poem a lot
    But sadly I’m not sure
    What a Garmin is
    And what a Garmin’s for

    (I’m afraid this poem only works for some accents, but I couldn’t think of a better one.)


      1. Ah, I see! I guessed it must be something like that if it was on your wrist.

        The only other thing I could think of was handcuffs, but since you didn’t mention anything about being an escaped bank robber, I thought that was a bit unlikely.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Is there a word for BEYOND addicted? The other version of Writing in April 2015 did something crazy to me after putting my pen down for almost 18 years. Yikes! But a great kind of yikes! πŸ˜„

        Liked by 1 person

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