Writing 101 #4 Picspiration

Is everyone else just loving the prompts from Writing101? Embracing them one bit at a time!

Picspiration is a really nice one. And the picture I chose was one of my own. It was taken in March in Gran Canaria. It’s the first ever holiday my other half & I have taken. We were under strict instructions to chill out, let our muscles rest after lots of running & eat plenty. 

After a stressful couple of months, we arrived at our Spanish paradise.. Granted, I was asleep for the entire journey. This was our time together. No running, no worrying, no stressing. 

The time we went away was a pretty hard one. Having issues with a rented house & months of complications, took its toll. I switched my phone to ‘Aeroplane Mode’ & ignored the world. 

When we got to our room, we stepped out onto the balcony & saw this amazing sight below. It’s funny how a view like that can instantly make you feel calmer, isn’t it? 

People were relaxing, having drinks, sunning themselves by the pool & catching up on their much needed sleep. Which is what we did. We read books, we drank, we laughed a lot, walked plenty & enjoyed each other’s company. 

Whenever I feel my anxiety building or just need my thoughts to be in a nice place, I look at this. A room with a view can certainly give you more than just Picspiration thats for sure 🙂 


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