Writing 101: Finding My Space

I am one of life’s wanderers. Other than when I’m at my fabulous job, I tend not to be able to keep still or sit down. Constantly on the move, on the wander, whizzing here, there and everywhere else. I’m jealous of those who have their specific creative writing space. Those who can get into the zone in their bubble and give us great stuff to read.

I’ve been looking for my space, somewhere of my very own that I can get into my creative mind and do what I love. But like any great loves, the harder you search, the less likely you are to find.

(Found on Look.co.uk)

I used to have a space. A technological one, but space all the same. I used to do a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City reference!) and sit with my laptop on my bed, let my mind wander and write away. However, last year, my rented house was burgled and someone stole my laptop. Not only did they violate my space and steal my electronic safe haven, they presented me with the challenge of finding a new space. And since then, I’ve continued to wander. Continued the search.

Strangely, in my search for the perfect space, my running became a space for thinking. Going off into the Great Outdoors to let my proverbial hair down not only cleared my mind, it helped me to think of new things to write about. Granted, most of the time it was about the runs themselves. But still. I was thinking on the go which suited me down to the ground. However, since hurting my knees, I’ve been doing other gym-related exercise which is helping to keep my mind energised and has helped with our exciting Writing 101 challenge. Is the gym my new space? Nope. Too loud and too sweaty. We’re not a perfect match.

In a way, being off the running/Zumba has meant I’ve had to focus more on finding my new writing space. It hasn’t been an easy feat.

And then…

My partner and I recently moved in together. but it’s not just a rented house in the middle of a sweet town in Wales. It’s a homely, cosy, lovely place that we’re making all our own every day we live there. What’s even more lovely is that the feeling in the house is relaxed. As a non-running little ball of anxiety at present, this is important. It’s a good space to think.

I’ve taken over our ‘snuggle’ chair and renamed it the ‘reading chair’. And in recent weeks, my blogging chair. IMG_4410

I’m a massive reader and buy books like shoe addicts collect shoes. I’m inspired by authors and sometimes, the books I read give me ideas for blogs or even poems. On an evening, instead of watching TV, I settle down with my iPhone, my pot of Green Tea and my book. I’ll let my mind wander as I’m sipping my tea and start blogging. I’ll write, re-write, post and then pick up my book and start the mind trip.

When someone betrays your writing space, you feel very determined and picky about finding another. The atmosphere needs to be write, the ambience needs to be write, and you need to be able to write in it.

I think I’ve found ‘The One’. It gives me the space I need to create. It nurtures the way I write and it’s the most comfortable chair ever. I think I’ll be sticking with this one for months to come.


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