Writing 101: An Ode to Stumbling

This is my ode to the inspirational quote section of Writing 101 (As an aside, I’ve never walked a tightrope in my life but imagine it would be pretty scary!)

“Imagine walking on a tightrope with a stack of books upon your head,

‘It’s a very easy challenge’, you remember someone said.

Just keep your head up high and concentrate your mind,

The sort of concentration you work to really find.

You get into the zone and step onto the wire,

You have a fear of heights, you’re starting to perspire.

The books weigh down your shoulders, you feel they’re going numb,

You feel like giving up and slowly go to turn.

Your legs have a wobble and struggle to hold your weight,

Your knees are knocking together and won’t stand up straight.

Looking back at where you’ve come from and forward to where you’re going,

The latter is more terrifying filled with fear of the unknowing.

But you take a deep breath and look the future in the face,

You start your tightrope walking at a confident, striding pace.

With the wind blowing in your hair and the fast beating of your heart,

You keep the focus on the end, not daring to look back at the start.

When you finally reach your goal and your mission is complete,

You take a moment to feel proud and recognise the applause down in the street.

It’s ok to have a stumble on the way to where you want to be,

Don’t give up, keep pushing and you’ll definitely see.

We’re given tests in life to see how well we do,

But remember all the strength ultimately comes from you.”

Sometimes I find that writing poetry helps to bring out the creative. I really liked this quote and must remember to keep it in mind. I used it because it can relate to any aspect of life. At the moment, for me, it’s about my running. My injury is just a blip and I’ll get through it be even better than before.

What’s your favourite quote? Is there one that makes you laugh? Cry? Or that you live life by?


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