Writing 101 Dealing with a loss

So, I was looking back through the comments I’d left on various awesome blogs & decided to write my post based on Simply Marquessa’s ‘The Day I Died’ short story post. 

I complimented Marquessa on her ability to create a powerful story and capture the feelings of loss. 

After doing this, it set me thinking. I’ve always wondered why it’s easier to write about sad, overwhelming emotions compared to happy ones. There’s something about the power of feeling down in the dumps that can create some amazing writing. 

For example, my favourite type of books to read are the ones that have anything to do with the first or second World Wars. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated but the emotions, the bravery and the writing at the time was just heartbreaking. They were the ultimate times of loss, suffering and passion. And it shows in any writing from or about that time. You can feel the sense of despair even when you read accounts now. 

When our family lost our grandparents, we were absolutely devastated. On both occasions, the way to help express the sadness but also recognise how amazing they both were, was to write some poems. I was brave enough to stand and read my own writing at my Grandad’s funeral but was too overwhelmed to do it at my Nan’s. Everyone told me how lovely both were. I couldn’t be prouder but also can’t thank them enough for being such exceptional people.   (My Mum, my lovely Nan & my cousin in 2013)

Losing our grandparents helped me to create something, a vision of them that our family can remember them by. 

Loss is a powerful thing. It knocks us to rock bottom, tests us in our lowest time but makes us stronger coming back from it. 

What do you think? Do you think loss is the most emotive thing to write about? 


7 thoughts on “Writing 101 Dealing with a loss

  1. I really loved your blog. Here is a challenge that I too will take on tonight. (I don’t have my post done yet!) We say it is difficult to write about the good things but particularly motivating to write and purge the bad. Let’s write about a great happy moment in our life. Seeing you have posted for today, you schedule this over the next five days. Do you agree to the challenge? If not, simply don’t accept the comment. No pressure.

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  2. Writing about difficult times can be a very cathartic experience. Often some of the best writing I get from my pupils is when they write about loss or other emotionally challenging experiences. Some have even been known to make me shed a wee tear!


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