Writing 101: Dear Little Sis

Dear Little Sis,

It’s slightly formal to write you a letter but I wanted to let you know a few things. So after my Writing 101 blog about Loss, I was challenged by the fabulous blogger Mo Galway to create a happy blog about something awesome in my life. She’s going to do the same.

11921751_10153104747918733_4981486306291704166_nI wanted to write to you and let you know how amazing a person you are and how proud of you I am. Over the years, we’ve been through the great times, the bad times, the fun times and the stroppy times. We’ve been so close for so long and I absolutely love it. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had; you listen to me talk and talk at you and don’t tell me to shut up, you give some pretty honest advice which sometimes works quite well.

When you and Jon got engaged after 10years of knowing each other, I was ecstatic. Ask anyone who was in City Hall on that day you rang and told me. I squealed and everyone looked. Didn’t matter. My little sis was marrying the love of her life.

When you  asked me to be a part of your wedding, to help you plan it and nicknamed me ‘Head of Communications’ as well as Maid of Honour, I was terrified just in case I got things wrong, that I couldn’t help or that things might not go to plan. I loved helping you guys to find what was right for you, wedding dress shopping and spending time with you and Mum getting everything ready for the big day.

And then there was the Hen Parties. Ah yes, all two of them. I think my anxiety levels were through the ceiling for both but when you came up to me in Disney, gave me a huge hug and said ‘Dude, I loves it!!’ I knew I’d done alright. The second wasn’t quite what I thought but it was even better. Meeting nearly 40 people who absolutely love and adore you, it was an awesome night. Everyone I met I was like, ‘Sian’s just so lovely’ and ‘She’s the most amazing person’. It was what I’ve known all along dear!

Then came the big day when you looked like this… 11898555_10153104835953733_581670485719507033_nJust completely and utterly stunning. You were also THE calmest bride ever. All the way through, you’ve been really good, no stropping or complaining or being ‘Bridezilla’. I know you’re such a modest person so having an entire blog post dedicated to you will make you feel all weird and uncomfortable but do you know what? Don’t care! I was challenged to write about something that fills me with happy happy thoughts and good times and that would be you dear.

I’ve never seen anyone so composed in a time or usual excitement and anxiety.

Helping you to get dressed and ready was like one of the proudest and exciting moments of my life. Not exaggerating! And I got told afterwards by a few people that they’d never seen anyone with such a big smile on their face or look so proud. They said I just continued to smile and look at you with a proper proud sister face.

Sian and Jon2Now you’re a Mrs, it confuses me greatly (and you don’t have the same name as me anymore, boo!) but I couldn’t be any happier for you and Jon. Pretty exciting to have a new Brother-in-Law and actually be able to refer to him as ‘Bro’ (despite his protests!) You guys are definitely made for each other. You both make me laugh so much. Karlos and me love the fact that whenever we go on a date, you guys bombard it. Makes us laugh every time!

Well, you know me and how much I waffle so I’ll leave the awesomeness there. Thank you for being my inspiration to write about a happy time, amazing people and for being my best friend. Let the good times roll and the Wolfpack get togethers long continue.

Lots of love Dewey 🙂


6 thoughts on “Writing 101: Dear Little Sis

  1. This is lovely! The warmth, closeness and love in your relationship really shines through! I can relate as I have only 1 little sis too and I feel the same way as you have expressed in this letter. I’m sure that your sis had a runny nose and racoon eyes after reading this!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Can you? Aw do you feel like no matter how old she gets she’ll still be little?! Hehe I shall see what she says. You should totally write something about your sister in the next blog? Then she’ll get to have the runny nose and raccoon eyes too!


  2. Gorgeous sisters! 🙂 I enjoyed your post. As an only child, I never know what it’s like to love a sister. I do have a close friend I consider a sister, but it’s not the same.


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