I’m not a good spectator…

Back in March, I wrote about being a spectator at the Bath Half Marathon and how it was different being on the other side of the tape. Due to injury, I was yet again a spectator for the Cardiff Half Marathon last weekend (which I was supposed to run) …and lasted about 30minutes.

My little sister (the one who I wrote a letter to on this here blog) signed up last year to run the Half Marathon with myself and my other half. We were all pretty excited about doing it together. I was really looking forward to being there alongside my little sis when she crossed the finish line and was really proud of what she’d done. Knee-dless to say, thanks to the possible cartilage issue, I wasn’t able to do it. It was looking doubtful for her too. She managed to get Pneumonia a week after she got married and had it for weeks. She was only just over it and was adamant she was doing the race. Despite protestations from the parents, her other half and me, she was going to be on that start line with 18,999 other runners.

She was my reason for being there. If she wasn’t running in the race, I would have avoided it like the plague. I was obviously really proud of her and to see her wave madly at us as she went past was pretty awesome. But it still made me really sad not to be taking part.

That morning, I woke up with the usual anxiety (as an anxious person, you can expect nothing less!) and the added annoyance of feeling pretty nauseous. But also the realisation that instead of feeling pumped and ready to kick off from the hectic start line in the centre of town, I’d be hopping around a pool with my lovely Mum doing Aqua Aerobics. There are obviously plusses to this:

  • No impact on the knees
  • Great workout
  • Would imagine it’s cracking viewing as neither me nor my Mum have the best co-ordination/balance
  • The water is pretty cold already so no need for an ice bath
  • All over strengthening workout (which is what I need)

Despite all these positives, it wasn’t the same.

When we got to the side lines to look out for my sister and some other people we knew running, I had the instant feeling of longing to be out there with everyone else feeling the strain of 11miles. There were charity tops, fancy dress costumes and excited but tired faces coming round the corner. But the atmosphere, as usual, was immense. Cheering, shouting, singing, wooing, clapping and shouts of encouragement coming from all around. It was great to see. It was nice to see what a difference being a spectator made to the sight of my sister’s face light up when she saw us cheering for her.

Ultimately though, I’m a terrible spectator. Because:

  • I can’t stand still
  • I’m pretty impatient
  • I want to be involved in the action
  • I’m a little bit selfish.

12122657_10156145956865243_2952468243450410182_nRegardless of all this, my little sis pulled her finish out of the bag and finished at 2hours 30mins. She was greeted by her new hubby and their little dog, Bella (who won’t be going to watch a race again. She wanted to be-friend everyone!)

We’re obviously very proud and so is she!

My goal is to be able to run the World Half Marathon Championships happening in Cardiff in March 2016. Various a physio and fitness instructor has said this should be fine as long as I do my strengthening exercises and tone the right places… Basically, make my bottom unlazy.

I’m sure there’ll be more times in the future where I’ll be watching rather than running (the London Marathon 2016 being a prime example after not getting in by ballot) but hey ho, just the way things go sometimes isn’t? I suppose it’s a good time for me to work on my ability to stand still, pay attention and not sulk like a 5 year old!


13 thoughts on “I’m not a good spectator…

  1. We are running the World half marathon next year… really hope you do manage to be able to do it! I shall have my fingers crossed that you shall be a spectator no more!!


      1. Ha yes definitely need a selfie! We live in Swansea so only about an hour from Cardiff. I haven’t ran any races in Cardiff yet but I used to work there (and still do for 1 day a week at the moment) so I know the city centre area quite well – and we go quite a bit for shopping etc. Are you from Cardiff area??


      2. Oh wow, not far at all then? Do you? How cool! Running a half around Cardiff is pretty awesome 🙂 So much support! Did you run the Swansea Half? I did that in June and loved it. Such a pretty place! I am indeed 🙂 Cardiff girl me!

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      3. We didnt do the Swansea half this year cause we weren’t quite ready to do a half at that point – we did do the 10k though which was fun! Defo going to give the Swansea half a go next year hopefully 🙂 I work in the NHS at the moment doing administrative type things and usually end up having to go to Rookwood Hosp in Llandaff once a week ish. I used to work in the town centre for the civil service but that was a while ago now 🙂

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      4. It’s such a lush place to run! So will Cardiff next year be your guys’ first half? If so, awesome starter! Do you? Bet you’re busy?! It’s lovely in Llandaff, not a bad place to visit for work! 🙂

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      5. Cardiff will be our second half, our first will be next month at Disney World in Florida whilst we are on holiday – super excited 🙂


  2. I hear you! I only was a spectator at one race (that I was supposed to be running but was injured) and it was too hard… I was a bit too ADD to stand still, and also got too bummed out not being able to run myself. I hope you’re able to get back out there soon! We should start an Unlazy Bottoms Support Group, because I need to get on that, too 🙂

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  3. Well done to your sis, but bad luck for you. Spectating at a race you expected to run is hard, but ultimately the right thing to do. Fingers crossed everything comes together for you and you’re able to run your half in March.


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