Getting over the Molehill


Has anyone ever told you that you’re behaving like a push-up bra, a drama queen or making a mountain out of a mole hill? I’m not usually one for the dramatizing… Well not out loud. In my head is a completely different story. A slightly OCD one at that.

So to me, missing a race is a HUGE, MASSIVE, HIDEOUSLY UPSETTING ordeal. Worse than finding out that when you wake up on a Monday, it’s not the weekend anymore.

Missing my race 2weeks ago has made me determined not to miss another one and work hard at making a difference to myself in order to get back into the swing of things. I’ve had so much great advice from my followers so a BIG THANKS to you all for the support.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I got my running shoes back on and headed to the gym for some advice. The personal trainer was great and gave me lots of great advice and exercises to help strengthen my lazy bottom and wobbly knees. She told me that she’d had an operation on her knee so these were things she did to get them stronger.

IMG_4530After doing lots of different exercises, I’m starting to notice that my hips feel stronger and my bottom feels not so lazy. Might just be in my head but either way, I’m pleased. I’ve also been doing Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, tried a BodyBalance class but wasn’t great for the knees, despite the very pleasant, leggy Barbie lady telling me so. That was Sunday… So we decided after our hard work at the gym/balancing, we’d have a massive chicken/lamb grill and shedloads of rice. Pretty. Bloody. Good.

Tonight I’m re-visiting Yoga and hoping for a better outcome than BodyBalance. I’m also looking forward to the peaceful state my mind will be in when experiencing it.

All of these things have been helping me to feel more positive about getting back into the running. I also read a great article by Hungry Runner Girl titled ‘How to get over having to miss a race’. Really simple, but great advice.

The main points are:

  • Remember that this happens to every runner at some point
  • Dive into other hobbies and interests
  • Come up with another race
  • Take some time for self-care – An ideal opportunity!
  • Remind yourself that you love to run because you do, not just to race
  • Make the most of watching your favourite TV programme (When I wasn’t too well recently I splurged on Orange is the New Black)

So, two weeks ago I was very much at the top of a mountain finding no way down. Today, I’m definitely sat on top of my mole hill feeling more positive.

Do you all do cross training regularly? Do you tend to run more than spending time at the gym?


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