The wonky wanderer returns!

And so the wanderer returns! By seeing this you might be tricked into thinking that I’ve been somewhere exciting, exotic or extraordinary when in fact, I just feel off the radar.

Truth is?

I wandered off the training path and stumbled upon the yellow brick road of strength training after hurting my knee. This meant no running, no Zumba, no squats, no kneeling down to fix the laptop or walking quickly downhill. I saw the following:

After ignoring the latter and visiting the other two, it was clear my lazy bottom and wonky knees needed some work. Having worked on these for the past few months, I’ve forgiven them for leading me in the wrong direction.

12190132_10207644611134436_1490596155574803361_n 12310701_10207847975858427_7578434255869316793_nI’ve been strengthening, stretching, bending, toning, icing, resting, and getting fit and fiddly. Swimming, gyming, Zumba tone (basically standing still and waving my arms frantically which earned me Warrior of the Week on two occasions) and yoga helped me to get back on the almost straight and narrow.

I embarked on my first Parkrun in months on Boxing Day. Runner spirits were high and armed with my Christmas pudding hat, I left my Mother in Tesco and joined the enthusiastic, hi-vis crowd, out in force as usual. However, this time, there was an array of festive hats and outfits and brand new Christmas running gear. It was like shopping while on the move.

581901_10208525339477567_7492231556391887918_nSaw these fabulous ladies on my travels. Missed running with these girls, it’s been so long! We did a quick catch up and off we went on our way. I felt pretty good but forgot what it was like to be part of something so awesome. My poor pudding hat didn’t get the same experience. Head sweat and general red facedness meant it came off halfway around.

There was no sprint finish for me but a 32min time wasn’t at all shabby. My new running style (landing on the balls of my feet, not heel striking) meant that my calves were in half the days following. And even running the weekend after, they were just the same. They’re getting a little bit better which is good but need to find some good Achilles stretches to combat the old DOMs.

The good old Welsh weather hasn’t really helped matters. I was more soaked than I’ve ever been in my life last weekend but that didn’t put me off. Likewise, going for a short run on Monday with a friend from work, tested our willpower as the rain poured and we jumped (in a rather girly manner) over huge puddles.

That didn’t put us off. We went forΒ a 2miler on Thursday which was great. Not so great me following that up with double Zumba (hello DOMs!) but we live and learn!

My longer Sunday run was pretty good. I went on the old trusted Taff Trail route which was pretty puddled and muddy. I passed various brave runners, dog walkers and those out for a Sunday stroll. We all gave each other that ‘Yes, we’re the hardcore keep fitters’ look which happened several times on the run. I ended up doing 6.2miles (10k) after I paid no attention to my watch and instead listened to my other half who told me it was 5miles! Needless to say, I was pretty pleased, if not a touch achy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back in the game! 11 weeks (74 days) until the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships and I can’t wait!


20 thoughts on “The wonky wanderer returns!

      1. Not too bad, thanks. I’ve been out with an injury but have the green light for a gradual re-introduction of running into my life. Fingers crossed it all goes well!


  1. Yay, welcome back! πŸ™‚ Good for you for focusing on strengthening and getting things right… I need to do that, myself! You’re an inspiration for motivation! Also, I love the Christmas pud hat… too bad it was too hot! And also, this line cracked me up: “basically standing still and waving my arms frantically which earned me Warrior of the Week on two occasions” Rock on! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! I’ve been observing posts but not writing! Ah bless you. Have you got a plan sorted? Did you have a nice Christmas? Thanks! My other half got it for me & was well chuffed I wore it :p thanks again! We’re all warriors for what we put ourselves through running hehe! πŸ™‚


      1. I’ve got a bit of a plan, but have yet to iron out details or actually do anything… I’m terrible with getting (and staying!) motivated! It’s awful. My Christmas was very nice, thank you! Was yours?


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